April 22, 2021

On the Front-lines of Modest Fashion

pcanvasbibWhen the big stores refused to make clothing that was modest in fit and form, some protested, some wrote letters, and some decided that they could make their own clothing to sell.  Christa Taylor is one such company.

In a recent interview with Mrs. Wilt at The Sparrow’s Nest, Christa herself talked about why she started her company:

In reality, Christa-Taylor.com grew out of frustration. After searching endlessly for a swimsuit that just didn’t exist, we designed our own. Under the direction and guidance of my Dad and brothers we started to experiment with different ideas, and eventually the possibility of opening our own Christa Taylor line. With much counsel and much perseverance we launched Christa-Taylor.com on January 15th, 2007, with just 1 swimsuit and 2 skirts. Since then, we have continued to refine and perfect our service and selection. It’s still very much a work in progress, but what an adventure!

What I find comforting as a father about this movement is that women are reclaiming the right to be known for what’s on the inside, instead of just what’s on the outside.  And that they’re coming up with good, practical definitions for what is modest:

We are continuing to develop and perfect our guidelines in our apparel choices and designs. Honestly, this is a very difficult question to answer, as many pieces are case specific. However, we do follow general guidelines such as, no skirt shorter than 23”, no deep Vs, no open backs, key holes, no cheap fabrics, no halter tops, etc.

I believe that they are on the right track.  What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “On the Front-lines of Modest Fashion

  1. My body-type is one of the absolute hardest to find modest clothes for. It seems that if the neckline is high enough then for some reason the shirt doesn’t cover my tummy. Or if a skirt fits around the waist, the back is too short. Aside from being immodest, it also looks frumpy!

    I can thoroughly appreciate a company specializing modest women’s clothes!

    AG’s last blog post..Fireball

  2. Since swimsuits were mentioned, I went to look. Most “modest” swimsuits seem to be ridiculously impractical — Christa-Taylor.com’s suit is awesome! It’s cute, modest, and it looks like you can actually swim in it! I’m impressed!

    Michelle Potter’s last blog post..Another bad dream

  3. Michelle, you’re so right. I usually opt for swim shorts with a tankini, but the swimsuit on Christa Taylor’s site is much better. I just wish there were more styles.

    AG’s last blog post..Fireball

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  5. I also feel that with this new trend in modesty (since 2018), more and more women and girls are finding out what its like to be modestly adorned. It’s not about distributing and showing everything, but people need to realize the inside is more valuable than the outside. We need to teach our children that modesty (not just in clothing, but in every aspect of life) is important and we should value it. Great post.
    Erica Harman recently posted…Is Your Closet Really Modest?My Profile

    1. It’s like something I heard the other day– while you don’t always know what motivations someone has for dressing the way that they do, clothing and how you carry yourself are forms of communication and they do send a message. The message may be that you want to fit in, that you want attention, or about your character. It’s obviously something that we can control and are learned behaviors.

      It’s great to have companies and people that strive to make the inner beauty be on display. I hope people follow your link and see the items you have to offer.

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