April 22, 2021

What if You Could Turn Back the Clock?

clock 2 A standard plot device in a lot of films is the idea that time travel is not only possible, but necessary in order to for the protagonist to right some wrong that has happened in the past. Each film either focuses on the tragedy that must be repaired or the sacrifice of those doing the traveling and they blur the lines of reality to make us believe it’s possible. There even have been television shows focused entirely on the concept. Usually, at the end of the show, we find that the wrong has been made right and the guy gets the girl.

However, in real life, we don’t have a reset button. We cannot make right what once went wrong. We cannot take back the words that we said in haste, the criticism that we have laid upon another, or the decisions that we have made in the past. As my mother used to say “we live with the decisions we make.”

There is, however, one thing that we can do. We can work to make tomorrow different. We can pray that we will spend more time thinking than talking, praying than making decisions, and building someone up rather than tearing someone down.

I’m sure for all of us there are things that we wish we could take back– but we cannot. All we can do is take advantage of what time we have left in service for the King and get to doing what we know we should have been doing in the first place.

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2 thoughts on “What if You Could Turn Back the Clock?

  1. I’m a sucker for time travel movies/books. Never thought to equate this kind of fiction with real life, but it’s a great slant on the truth that words, though not sticks and stones, can cause waves we don’t want to cause. Putting each day in God’s hands at the get-go is definitely a habit I want to cultivate!

  2. Sometimes time travel hurts my brain because there’s different theories of how it would work or what it would change. In any case, it’s important that we understand the effect of those things that we say and do on what happens next…

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