April 21, 2021

Noah, Special From Birth

The first we hear of Noah is when his father name’s him. In Genesis 5:29, Lamech his father tells everyone that Noah will be the one to relieve man from the toil with which he has to work the ground. This was not the work that we have to do today– this was actually more rigorous. And it started right after the fall:

And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed [is] the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat [of] it all the days of thy life; – Genesis 3:17

However, as Lamech was making this prophecy he didn’t realize just all that would have to come about for it to happen.

  • It would take the destruction of all that was living.
  • It would take someone of character that God would favor.

That someone would be a man that is one of the few that is called just and righteous before the Lord– the man Noah.

The next we see of Noah is when God sees how corrupt the Earth is becoming, and realizes that there is only one man that is righteous. But, believe it or not, this man was already 500 years old! He already had three sons?

What do you think Noah did before God found him? Was he out making canoes? Working on other big projects? No, the Bible says that he was a faithful man that communed with God. He was faithful in the mundane, and God knew that because Noah was listening, He could talk to Him.

The First Principle of Being Prepared is this: Don’t be too busy to Listen!

Sometimes I feel that we miss opportunities to serve God because we’re out doing “something for God.” By that I mean that we are so interested in doing the great things for God that we head out strong to do something, anything, as long as it’s big. Such that when God does come by we’re too busy doing our big thing “for God” and miss His call.

The challenge here is to make sure that we’re doing what God wants– and we can’t know if that’s the case unless we’re listening. And how can we be listening if we’re not praying and spending time in His Word.

When God gave the call, He gave specific instructions. I have news for you– God hasn’t changed. God will provide the means in His timing. He can’t be rushed, and no matter how impatient we get, things still move according to His schedule.

The Second Principle of Being Prepared is this: When the Lord tells you to do something, Do it!

If you wished to be used of God in big things, you must be willing to do the small things. That means, if God is telling you to take food to your neighbor– Do it! If God’s telling you to pray for that lost loved one– Do it! If God wants you to sweep the floor at the church– Do it! If God’s telling you something to do right now– Do it!

You see, friends, God is going to choose those for the big things that are faithful in the little things. Noah was a just man, and he got that way by being faithful in the little things right from birth for 500 years. How about us?

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One thought on “Noah, Special From Birth

  1. Thank God for this uplifting message of hope! I was very edified by this article. It was just what I needed to hear right now.

    You know, sometimes the big things look exciting, but if we’d just do the small things we might find that the are very fulfilling. I’m talking to a Christian girl right now and the thing I find most amazing about her walk with Christ is that she’s not out there trying to do the big flashy things in the Church. She just serves God where she is, in ways that many people would think small, but I think they are really big! Things like spending time with her family, house-sitting for Church families, and just talking to people in the world. It’s wonderful to me because it displays a gentle spirit which I know is genuinely from God.

    It all reminds me of who I am when I’m truly living out my faith to the fullest. And lately I think I’ve lost a bit of that, so I’m all too glad to be reminded just now! Praise God!

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