April 21, 2021

Preparation for the Storm

The great thing about a Sovereign God is that nothing takes Him by surprise. In fact, the Bible clearly says that those that are His were chosen before the foundation of the World. God had planned what he would do when Adam sinned before He did, and He also had planned what He would do when those that He created rebelled and went a different way.

Take a trip back with me this week to the book of Genesis to take a look at a man who was prepared for the storm.

We’ll look at the man Noah:

  • Noah was special from Birth.
  • Noah was a man of detail.
  • Noah was a man of covenant.

Along the way, we’ll find different steps for how we too can be prepared for a coming storm or test, and what God values in those that He calls to be His servants.

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3 thoughts on “Preparation for the Storm

  1. The bible is very clear that we will have “storms” but we are not to fear. And that is one of the greatest comforts. No matter what happens in our lives He is very aware of everything going on and for me, that is very assuring, I am not alone.

    And we are promised eternity with Him, when we leave this world.

  2. Noah was a man of Faith 😉

    Everyone around him thought he was crazy to build an ark, but he did as his God commanded, and he was saved.

    This reminds me of Daniel who was thrown into the lion’s den because he broke the decree of the king. The king called down to Daniel in the morning, saying, “Daniel, servant of the Living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to rescue you from the lions?”

    Daniel, of course, was not brought out of the den by God, but was instead made safe in the midst of the lions. So it is with Christians, we are not always taken out of dangerous situations, but we are protected through them. Of course, Daniel had nothing to lose by dying, except his flesh, for he would only be united with the God he to faithfully served. Instead, God spared Daniel for His own glory, and not just to spare Daniel from pain. So it is with us, if we live it is to the glory of Christ, and if we die it is all gain! And our God causes all things to work together for the good of those who are in His Son. Amen!

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