May 24, 2024

Is God All About the Numbers?

One of the most difficult struggles for a small church is the fact that they are small. This is especially painful if they once were big, and now are small.

Over the past five years, I’ve watched as my church has basically split– when our last Pastor resigned from the church under a cloud and some left because the church wasn’t hard enough and others left because the church didn’t stand by him.

I then watched as our church, for doctrinal and size reasons, closed its school, and then as God took away some of the key men because of jobs and other obligations. Now my pastor is ill— and you start to wonder. Why is it that this is happening to us when the church down the road is having to move to a new building after having build an addition?

You start to look at the numbers and it’s hard to not think about your ministries and outreaches in terms of how many people you could bring in and what those people will do. It’s easy to start looking at the numbers and wonder how you’ll be able to keep running all the programs that you’ve been running.

But God is not all about the numbers, as this explosive YouTube video shows. No, God is about more than that. And my heart believes that He has to be calling us back to doing the first works– stopping to care about only being an internal body and starting to be an externally reaching body. Looking to Him instead of looking at ourselves.

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