April 17, 2021

Put Your Clothes Back On

I know that they want to have a libertarian worldview, but this is ridiculous.  A town in Vermont actually permitted public nakedness not just on the beaches– but inside town and the surrounding areas.

As you can imagine, this attracted all sorts of attention as people that want to bare it all came from all corners to take part in permissiveness:

BRATTLEBORO, Vermont (Reuters) – A Vermont town that is gaining national attention for brash displays of nudity — from teens in the buff to naked elderly people — awoke on Wednesday to an emergency ban on nakedness in most public places.

Officials in Brattleboro voted 3 to 2 on Tuesday night for a temporary 30-day ordinance prohibiting people from going about in the nude.

Public nudity made headlines last summer when the weather grew hot and a couple of dozen teens took to holding hula hoop contests, riding bikes and parading past stores wearing only their birthday suits. The disrobing has resumed this summer.

But many locals say it has gone too far. Some cite a case in which a senior citizen from Arizona strolled through the center of town wearing only a waist pack and sandals.

Source: Vermont town bans public nudity after brash displays – Reuters

All I can say is, why did it even get this bad?  Why do we have people letting teens believe that it is perfectly fine to wander around the streets naked, to have hula hoop contests, etc., in the nude?!

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7 thoughts on “Put Your Clothes Back On

  1. Really, it is just beyond me how anyone ever thought it was a good thing for people to walk around naked anyway. Well, at least sunblock companies will probably make a lot of money off of their ridiculous behavior. 😉

  2. I think it’s gradually been getting this way. Each year, the “trendy” clothes show more and more skin. It’s really not such a leap to go from what is “trendy” today to nudity.

  3. I agree with both Jenna and Amanda. 🙂 Frankly, I’d want to stay as far from this town as possible! I have no interest in see old grandma or grandpa in a “birthday suit”! 😆

  4. LOL… thats VT for you. There are still many die hard Hippies/Yuppies up there big into “Free Love” and clothing optional. Back before I knew Christ I used to go to Quarterly Meetings (Quaker Meeting happening 4 times a year) as part of the North East Quarter that included VT. These were typically held at a certain camp in VT where clothing was optional. There was many a time I got more than I wanted to see of less-than-fit more aged individuals.

    As a teenagers all the youth would always get together in the summer and go swimming at these meetings without direct adult supervision. The swimming by ourselves was probably not a good idea… add in the liberties of the camp… and it was probably a really bad idea. Mix in a rope swing, and it was a REALLY, REALLY bad idea.

    Interestingly enough even as teenagers to the best of my knowledge none of the nakedness actually lead to further action besides polluting our minds. I was pretty naive back then so I might have missed things going on… its hard to tell. Even in my recollections the context does not seem sexual.

    This is by no means saying I am advocating what they’re doing in Brattleboro, or what we were allowed to do at Quarterly Meetings. Personally I would like it if the only image of a naked female I had in my mind was of my wife. Because of these Quarterly Meetings, I can not say that. I think there is something lost in this.

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