August 17, 2022

Relationship Building

Today starts the introductions for the contributors for Weekend Kindness.

Weekend Kindness, as you may recall, has always been about encouraging people to be kind to each other, and use our blogs as ways to encourage one another in the endeavor.  Well, starting this week, we have a new focus– talking about relationship building and being kind to those around us.  We’ll talk about marriage, family, friends, and what’s going on in each and how we can make them better.

So, come on over and welcome those that have joined to write, and read the great writings of people wanting to explore their relationships!

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2 thoughts on “Relationship Building

  1. This sounds like a great new series! I have really been enjoying some of the relationship posts you’ve written. Thanks for

  2. I’m really looking forward to reading what everyone has to say. I’ve even got a series in mind I want to start over there (that’s somewhat of a strange thought!) when we start getting into it. I am also still looking for a few contributors. I have e-mails out and anyone that’s a regular contributor here is welcome to ask to be included!

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