August 19, 2022

Why We Should Care About Paris Hilton

We all know why Paris Hilton is famous, and it’s not because she’s blond, a hotel heiress or that she was on the show The Simple Life.  Her fame started because of her lack of decorum and because she allowed herself to be video taped in the act of fornication.

Since that time, her fame has continued to spread including now.  The AP (at one point in time) refused to cover her, because she was doing something, it seemed, every week to make sure her name was in the news.  She typified the whole concept of there is no such thing as bad publicity.

The same seems true with her latest made-for-television scandal, where she drove her car without a valid drivers license and was sentenced to 45 days in jail.  Oh wait, that’s only 23 days.  Oh, now it’s 3 days in, 40 days at home. Now she’s going back to the judge

And this is why we should care about Paris Hilton.  This woman has gotten much more than you or I could ever get from an encounter with the law.  She was sent to a special prison to serve her time.  She was given a cell to herself.  She was then released to her own mansion (!) with an ankle bracelet to serve out the rest of her prison term.

Now, I understand overcrowding.  I understand that her offense is not as great as others.  I also understand that she’s somewhat of a celebrity– which means that people inside would probably not be as kind (unless they wanted an autograph or picture) and that there were high powered lawyers and fans on the outside.

But what this does is make a mockery of the judicial system (saying that it can be bent and twisted if you’re rich), it takes away the severity of the crime (she lost her license because she was driving under the influence), and is no more than a sham, since living in a mansion is hardly punishment.  So she’ll miss a couple of parties or red carpets– I wonder if she’s able to bring it all to her?

Our country is founded with the believe that we all (from the President to the poor person to Paris Hilton) are equal under the law and will have equal treatment by the law.  If people are given the perception that this is not true, we could be on our way to another revolution or towards a police state.

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