June 23, 2021

Focusing on the Woman

The press is beginning to see a difference in the Pro-Life movement, especially after the recent Supreme Court Victory that upheld the Partial Birth Abortion ban.  What are they seeing that they hadn’t seen before?  That Pro-Lifers care about women.

Now, even since I went through training for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center (now CareNet Pregnancy Center) back in 2000, we were instructed that part of the downfall of the Pro-Life movement was that we came across as not loving the mother– as to only being worried about the baby, so I can assure you that this is nothing new.

What is working, and what is logical, is the concept of equating the Abortion Industry to the Tobacco Industry.  Sure, women are going to do both, but neither are something that they should do or are in their best interest.

The International Herald Tribune has an article talking about this “new” focus on women:

It is an argument that has been building for a decade or more, advanced by groups like the conservative Justice Foundation, the National Right to Life Committee and Feminists for Life. “We think of ourselves as very pro-woman,” said Wanda Franz, president of the National Right to Life Committee. “We believe that when you help the woman, you help the baby.”

It is embodied in much of the imagery and advertising of the “pro-life” movement in recent years, especially the “Women Deserve Better Than Abortion” campaign by Feminists for Life, a group that counts Jane Sullivan Roberts, the wife of the chief justice, among its most prominent supporters.

This concept is being used to help states craft “informed consent” counseling laws, and while the pro-abortion side may continue to say that this is politics and an attempt to abort a woman’s right to choose, how can they argue that a woman should not receive counseling?  How can they argue that they shouldn’t receive information and know about what they are about to do? 

The High Court agrees.  Justice Kennedy wrote in the prevailing opinion from the ban on Partial Birth Abortion:

“While we find no reliable data to measure the phenomenon, it seems unexceptionable to conclude some women come to regret their choice to abort the infant life they once created and sustained,” [Justice] Kennedy wrote, alluding to the brief. “Severe depression and loss of esteem can follow.” Given those stakes, the justice argued, “the state has an interest in ensuring so grave a choice is well informed.”

We need to make sure that we are caring for those that are hurting as well as protect those that are living.  Thank God that we are getting better at being able to do both.

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