April 17, 2021

How Would You Like to Have Your Own Country?

SealandThis is almost too funny.

For sale: the world’s smallest country with its own flag, stamps, currency and passports.

Apply to Prince Michael of Sealand if you want to run your own nation, even if it is just a wartime fort perched on two concrete towers in the North Sea.

Built in World War Two as an anti-aircraft base to repel German bombers, the derelict platform was taken over 40 years ago by retired army major Paddy Roy Bates who went to live there with his family.

Prince Michael created the country, and thinks that he could get people who are interested in having all the frills of having their own country without much of the upkeep. Literally it’s two posts and a platform on top– but I guess there are eight rooms in each tower, and has a great sea view. I wonder what it’s like in storms?

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2 thoughts on “How Would You Like to Have Your Own Country?

  1. I understand that there has been interest from “The Pirate Bay”, who wish to use the dubious claims to sovereignty for the Roughs Tower (as Sealand is formally known) to avoid copyright laws. However, there have been various court cases in Euroope and the US which have decided that the tower has always belonged to the UK.

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