April 13, 2021

It Could Have Been Much More than a Purse

This past Tuesday, Barbara Bush’s purse was stolen from the table where she was sitting, and fortunately all that’s missing is the purse and her cell phone.  When I first heard about this, I wondered where the secret service agents were and the AP reports that at no time was Miss Bush out of their sites.

However, this was not the only problem that agents had this week: An agent, on his own time, was involved in an “altercation” and was badly beaten.  The Secret Service is now claiming that it was an attempted mugging.

The question that went through my mind when talking this over with a friend was “what is the value of Barbara Bush?”  Specifically to a terrorist.  If a person could get close enough to Miss Bush to steal her purse and a cell phone, what was to stop them from creating enough of a distraction such as to whisk Miss Bush off into some vehicle and have her disappear.

I would hope that there would be some way to track her besides her cell phone, but the speculation was terrifying.  I could see her being sold to some terrorists, placed in front of a web camera and being beheaded– and that would put the country into a rage!

It would not matter if you were Republican or Democrat.  We would not be asking if we should invade, but how many nukes it would take to level whoever was responsible.  We would not be satisfied because no one attacks our first families– regardless of whether we agree or disagree with their politics.

We live in a scary world.  A world in which isn’t not as easy to feel safe– even in our own homes.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for President Bush and Laura to have their daughters in foreign countries, and to have to trust God and the Secret Service to protect them and to hear things like this purse being stolen.

Thank God it was only a purse.  And we should be thanking Him every day for the protection He gives.

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One thought on “It Could Have Been Much More than a Purse

  1. Good grief! Isn’t anyone safe anymore? Apparently not! I hope they catch the moron that stole her purse and retrieve her cell phone!

    We do live in a world where danger lurks! Heck! Two houses down from my home was a shoot-out between a rapist and a police officer. Scary is right.

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