April 22, 2021

Form of Sound Words

Psalm With Flower(also posted at Everyday in Grace)
The reading of John MacArthur books is an enormous feast and inspiration to me. An amazing number of questions have got the clear answers and I really can see the importance of the proper and faithful preaching of God’s Word.

The watered-down Gospel, pleasing to the ear of a listener, calling him to believing, forgetting to call him to repentance, does not produce good fruit. So far, I have considered it to be an intellectual debate only, but I am beginning to see that it is a harsh reality of evangelism today, right around me, close to my own life, in the people I know and love.

The antinomian theology of salvation without repentance is, in fact, producing nominal Christians, having nothing in common with Christ. The erroneous teachings that twist the Gospel, allow for them to roll in sin and still claim being saved – somehow.

Is a person saved, when she or he does not show it with the whole life? Is the person saved, when Jesus takes the last place in his thoughts? Is the person saved, when he can say that he is not interested in meeting with other Christians? Is a person saved, if he says that looking up verses in Scriptures is unnecessary?

I wonder…

The world blames Christianity for many terrible deeds throughout our history. Many atrocities have been committed in the name of Christ. It is not easy to listen to these accusations and not feel ashamed. But when I try to analyze the matter closely, I can not avoid seeing the apparent misunderstanding and ignorance on both sides – the critics and the criticized alike.

What do real Bible Believers stand responsible for? If there is something, it is that we do not preach the Gospel loud and clear, constantly, faithfully, to all. It is that we allow for false teachers to spread their lies as we stand by. False teachers, false teachings, rotten fruit. The world blames us (not being aware of the differences between us and false teachers). And justly so.

I read yesterday’s newspaper. An article about a young girl, who died of an overdose of medicine, in the mental institution, only 18 years old. She had not been well for a long time. She lost her faith in people, she lost her hope in her doctors.

Her parents stand shocked and broken. I cannot imagine their pain, being a parent myself.
But in this pain they have found a scape goat. Are you ready to find out who the scape goat is?

“The father blames also himself and the christian pattern in which she was raised, especially the feeling of guilt he has always felt and that has been strengthened by the protestant heritage. It was probably that – it made her burdened with a huge amount of guilt, not only of her own weakness, but also for the evil of the whole world, as if she herself were responsible for it.”

See? Christianity is to blame. Analyze that, because there is a very important lesson in it, for every one of us. As long as we stand still and passively allow for the mishandling of God’s Word, these things shall happen. I truly believe that her spiritual teachers meant well. I truly believe that her parents raised her the best they could. But anyway, the result is disastrous – drugs, piercings, death.
Was the Word presented truthfully to them? Most certainly not, if they blame her death on it!

The same newspaper, the same page, another article. This time about the Tibetan way of life and death.

“Our human existence is but an unbroken exchange between birth, death and reincarnation. We live many lives!”

Well, if one may twist the Gospel of Christ to the extent that suicidal behaviors are blamed on it, why not preaching the words of Buddha? Anything goes? As long it is NOT the form of sound words…
Sound words are offensive. They claim your life in exchange for the life with Him. It is not popular. It does not pay much money. It does not give status.
But if you are saved by His Grace, Chosen to be His servant, you have to obey, you feel the desire to obey, no matter the cost. Think about those two examples. Examine your heart. Pray.
I want to express my gratitude to Rand for the inspiration obtained after listening to his sermons.

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One thought on “Form of Sound Words

  1. Ann,

    So true! I whole heartily agree. It is such a sad thing to see the Word of God adulterated, and false teachers making a mockery of Truth. It breaks my heart and makes me ill.

    “They claim your life in exchange for the life with Him.”

    You said that sound words are not popular. You are right. I so often find that people forget those sound words, they forget that following Christ does require something from us. We are to “count the cost” so to speak. If we do not love Jesus more than we love our mother or our father we have not loved Him. Having Him in the back of our mind, as a safety net so to speak, is not sufficient.

    Thanks for this refresher, it is so good to know there are others out there who are believing the TRUTH.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

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