April 21, 2021

Was Your Wedding Like This?

The wedding is over, the cake has been cut, the confetti thrown. Tom and his bride are alone at last. As the car pulls away amid the cheers and the well-wishes of the guests, suppose the bride moves away from her groom. “Tom” she says, “please take me home.”

He looks at her in astonishment. “Home!” he exclaims, “but Kathy you know our home won’t be ready for a couple more weeks. We’re going on our honeymoon. I can’t take you home. The heat and the water aren’t connected yet.”

“Oh” she says, ” I don’t mean your home: I mean to my home, take me back to my mother. Look Tom, now that we’re married I’ll try to see you once a week if it’s convenient, but I’m going back to my old way of life. . . . Of course I love you, Tom! I’ve accepted you as my husband, haven’t I? We have just settled all that, but don’t think that that is going to change the way I live. Of course, if I get sick, or if I need more money, or if something comes up I can’t handle, I’ll call you right away, and I’ll expect you to take care of things because you are my husband. But in the meantime, thank you for loving me, thank you for making me yours, but hands off my life.”

This was taken from the commentary on Psalms (Exploring Psalms by John Phillips) that I am reading, and it brings up a very important question about our Christianity. Do we accept Christ and then want to lead our own lives? Do we expect Christ to be like Tom in the story and to be satisfied with being married, visited once a week (if we can make it) and called on in case of an emergency?

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8 thoughts on “Was Your Wedding Like This?

  1. Excellent word picture! I love it!

    Have to admit, I was thinking how, sadly, marriage between two self-centered people fit this perfectly, where each is so self absorbed in their own interests/careers that they detach from one another. Then one day, they face the “empty nest syndrome” we’re all “warned” so much about.

    Much better developed the way it was intended, with Christ as the bridegroom…one of these days I’m going to get my own copy of that Psalms commentary. It’s full of gems. Thanks for sharing some of them!

  2. Mary @ home steeped hope sent me! How true that visual is with many Christians. They want the wedding, but forget about the marriage!

  3. Great illustration. This belief that one can accept Christ as saviour without a change of heart and direction is in fact known as Sandemanianisn. This is a pernicious doctrine amongst evangelicals I think.

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