April 16, 2021

Do You Recognize the 7 Early Warning Signs of an Electoral Process out of Control?

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It has to be because I’m actually in a district where the race is close.  I’ve never had so many calls, so many polls taken, and so much stuff sent to me in the mail as I have had this election season.  There’s a sense in the air that there is a lot going on, that there is a lot that could change and that there is a lot at stake in how the different elections turn out tomorrow.  If I haven’t already said it– please go out and make your voice heard!  Why?  Because we have an electoral process that is out of control.

Here are some some of the early warning signs:

  1. Politics and Religion have been so intertwined that it is deemed to be a political advantage to take down a member of the clergy. It’s the ultimate in negative campaigning– because it really doesn’t attack a specific candidate, but tried to link itself to all candidates.  This past week we saw someone that was outspoken critic of homosexuality and homosexual marriage be exposed to be someone that struggles with those very sins.  Instead of an effort to help the person (like his congregation did), the media jumped on the hypocrisy and wondered aloud how it would effect the Republican party and the election.
  2. God is put on the ballot, and tested via polls just like candidates. American media is obsessed with statistics, and they have put God to the test via a poll to find that nearly half of Americans are not sure He exists.  One wonders how many people it takes to prove a person does or does not exist– and if I could find a bunch of people that believe that they really have a good chance of winning the lottery does that mean that they do?
  3. Life is just another issue. More than any other issue in our country today, life inside the womb seems to be the defining line of American politics.  It’s the issue each candidate must take a stand on.  I wonder what the news, polls, and campaign commercials would look like if we still had slavery in this country.  I’m sure we’d have Pro-Slavery and Pro-Freedom forces.  If we ever come to our senses, people will look back at this time and marvel that a whole political party could define itself by the issue of whether a woman can kill her unborn child legally.
  4. More controversial items are solved by courts rather then by the people. This is true of abortion, but it’s also true about same sex marriage.  The people of three states have now had civil unions or same sex marriage thrust upon them by an overreaching court.  This should have been decided by the people— and it is being rectified or prevented by the people– but elections are quickly becoming more about what people get on the court than the lawmakers themselves.  Lawmakers are becoming those that pass out the pork and the judges make the decisions.
  5. Actors are weighing in hoping to cash in on celebrity while misleading the public. Michael J. Fox (who I really enjoyed in Back to the Future) stepped into the political ring again this year and was criticized for manipulating his condition to prove a point he was trying to make.  He is pushing for the government to fund more embryonic stem cell research which includes the destroying of pre-born babies to get at their stem cells– a form of cannibalism (you just don’t eat the cells– yet).  This caused yet another string of ads by actors and athletes for the other side– not quite sure their expertise in either politics or science.
  6. Elections become more about turn out than ideas, ideals, and doing what’s right. The Mark Foley scandal was a timed event– since it came out that they knew about him long before he hit the front page.  Regardless of who was to blame, who knew, and when they knew it, it was designed to effect Republicans and keep them from the polls.  Time will tell if it worked.
  7. More people are using sex appeal and stunts in the hope to gain office. Loretta Nall of the Libertarian party is one such person.  In previous elections we’ve had former porn stars, actors, and others believe that they can use a gimmick or something seedy to get them into an elected position.  It’s not about character and being a good representative– it’s about how many people I can get to look at me and think I’m cool.  It’s a popularity contest, didn’t you know?

Something has to be done about this, and soon.  As you can see, we’re a long way off from the dream that the founders had when they established this great nation.  We’re now having a side show, a mudslinging contest, and have turned our electoral process into a joke– a joke that compounded by the concept that “if we don’t win, we’re going to challenge it!”

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8 thoughts on “Do You Recognize the 7 Early Warning Signs of an Electoral Process out of Control?

  1. You do know Michael J. Fox is dying of Parkinson’s disease and has good reason to promote stem-cell research and candidates who will support stem-cell research?

  2. I know that doctors have said that here is a minuscule possibility that Parkinson’s disease may be cured through the research, and that they are making great strides with adult and umbilical cord stem cell research.

    But that’s beside the point– since when do we tolerate the harvesting of organs or cells from a person without the donor’s permission? And where do we practice the taking of these organs and cells from someone that, in the process of taking them, the person would have us kill the donor?

    Is it ethical to kill a healthy person to harvest some cells to fix someone with a disease? Where does this practice logically end?

  3. I know a person who works in the Science field. He refuses to participate in Stem Cell research, because it is such a waste of time and effort, not to mention it is an affront to God. Michael J Fox should have his trust in the Lord not in babies cells.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  4. I didn’t leave a comment to debate whether stem cell research is correct or not. I left a comment because I think you are wrong to think Michael J. Fox is trying to “cash in on celebrity”. He isn’t doing any of this for money. You have no basis or source for that point.

    Umm…as for Mrs. Meg Logan…I’m perplexed. I think Satan has taken control of me because I do not understand your cult-y logic.

  5. I used the phrase “cash in on celebrity” because if he were any other person with Parkinson’s disease it wouldn’t matter that he was on a campaign commercial. Only because he is a well known actor was he placed in there. So, just like a President has political capital that he can use, Mr. Fox had celebrity capital that he used to inject himself into races for his cause.

    I’m in no way against bringing attention to the disease or trying to find a cure. I am against people that are promising that embryonic stem cell research is some kind of “Holy Grail” of cures and not taking into account the reality of its potential– especially when we’re talking about where these cells come from.

  6. That’s exactly the reason he is doing it: Because he can. And because others with his disease can’t, he fights for them.

    Alright? I do not want to debate ethics of stem cell research with you. I just want you to understand Michael J. Fox has done nothing wrong. I’ve said what I can. If you don’t get it, that’s your prerogative.

  7. He certainly has the right to say whatever he wishes– if that’s the point you’re getting across. My post’s point is that he was using celebrity to champion a cause that misleads people– the hope of embryonic stem cell research curing his problem is misplaced. The ethics of the situation was completely my point.

    Thanks for taking the time to make your point.

  8. As far as I can recall, America is the only country in which having “God” on your side is considered a plus in your campaign. Both parties are trying to take advantage of the Christian voter.

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