May 9, 2021

Daylight Saving Time

How does Daylight Saving Time effect your family? In my family, the children have quite the routine: During the summer they go to bed at 7:00 pm-ish and awake around 7:00 am when I get up and ready for work.

Any time that one of us gets up earlier, you can count on the kids waking up with the slightest noise. However, the transition to Daylight Saving Time is the worst. Whereas most people I know are able to catch an hour of sleep, no one has informed my boy’s internal clocks that they can sleep in. In fact, I think that the concept of sleeping in is foreign to them.

Every night when they go to bed they are anticipating what they will do “after their nap,” so they’re ready to go as soon as they feel a tinge on consciousness. Amy at Humble Musings said the following:

Whoever invented Daylight Saving Time did not have a baby in the house. If they did, they would’ve split the difference with a half hour and been done with it. Since I’ve had a baby around for the past eight years, I know all about “Fall Back” and “Spring Forward.” Messing with a well-oiled machine is risky business. That’s why I despise the clock changing.

I think this highlights how we are as a people vs. God. I believe it’s human nature to always want to have stability– to know what’s going to happen next and have some predictableness associated with the things we do. We want to know, for example, how many people will visit our site, how much money we will get from a certain ebay auction or any other thing that we’d like to know the outcome before we get there– in my mind that’s a struggle for consistency.

Our society (and lives) are constantly changing. We don’t know where we’ll be or what we’ll be doing next week, because many things could change in an instant.

So, that being said… How does your family react to Daylight Saving Time? Did you get some extra sleep?

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6 thoughts on “Daylight Saving Time

  1. That’s interesting– because last night I was to bed earlier than usual too and I just chalked it up to the new schedule and having all the youth activities last night.

    In any case, it’s usually a week before I can get a new pattern down.

  2. I typically go to bed around 10, so last night it was just shy of 9pm and I was SUPER tired…some how I managed to stay up til almost midnight, but I have noticed the time change when I get up and when my body tells me I should be go to sleep!

  3. I’m feeling it a bit…the girls are adapting all right, thanks to the dark dark evenings and mornings here. Toddler has been wanting to get up at 6 am, vs 7 (her old wake-time) and I usually tell her it’s not time to get up yet, go back to sleep. Sometimes she does! :O)
    We’ve had several late nights lately as well, so who knows. I don’t mind the change so much.

  4. Well, Jenna, it’s good that it happened in fall instead of in the spring. We had a family in our church that forgot to move their clocks ahead two years in a row. That was pretty embarrassing for them!

    A coworker I have IRL says that he has the opposite problem I have with my kids– he has trouble getting his daughter up in the morning. I’m not sure I want that problem!

  5. Well, we forgot to change our clocks back when we went to bed, so we were up nice and early for church, which is something that we normally struggle with. It was actually nice! *laughs*

    Other than that, things have been pretty easy. We don’t have any babies in the house, which is what I am sure makes all the difference in the world. Our daughter goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up around 8am every morning, whether it is summer or winter. The only hard part is for my husband to try and get up at the right time, just because it is still dark when he needs to get up. That’s one good thing about the summer time- it’s easy to get out of bed! lol

  6. This is the time change I welcome, actually. We gain an hour in the morning…woo-hoo! :O) I know I had time on my hands last week when getting ready for church. Never happens!

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