April 21, 2021

PETA: We Care More About Animals than Humans

Dear PETA Activists:

That was a terrific demonstration you had on Monday at the Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion shop in Paris.  I especially liked the blood red colors and the fact that your pictures are plastered all over Reuters’ news service.  You did a terrific job getting the media to do your bidding.

However, we do need to talk about about this nagging problem we have with how dramatic you can be.

For instance, because you have to be constantly dragged from the scenes of your protests, you look a lot like the anti-choice people that rudely protest outside abortion clinics here in the states.

They claim that the fetus is a child, and therefore when we perform our surgical procedures on them we are killing them!  Imagine that!

So, when you go and protest the way that you are doing, it is harder for us to maintain this position.  After all, if you can go to the lengths that you do to protect an animal, why should we oppose those that protest us removing tissue that has the same DNA as humans.

Now, we all know animals are important, but they don’t pay as well as abortion doctors and clinics who are making a killing– pardon the term– in helping women exercise their “choice.”

Perhaps you can come up with a good solution to this, but in the mean time, keep up the good work, keep sending us that free imitation fur, and be careful that the red doesn’t look too much like human blood.

We wouldn’t want to look like we have blood on our hands or anything.


NARAL Pro Choice America

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2 thoughts on “PETA: We Care More About Animals than Humans

  1. Way to go, MIn, excellent post!

    I remember taking a class in school called “Biblical Solutions for Today’s Issues”…and they covered a whole chapter on how animals have more rights than human babies. Some of the stuff was ridiculous, on laws protecting pregnant lobsters and such.

  2. Did the ProLife gus write that or you MIN?? That was a very useful post with a very obvious fault in the logic of the unsaved.

    Mrs Meg Logan

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