April 18, 2024

Even “Free Love” has a Price

A new survey out in Britain states that not only is that country the most promiscuous nations in Europe, but it is also one of of the least aware of the consequences of sin.

In a previous article by the Daily Mail, the statement is made that almost half of the men who pay for sex already have a partner. They aren’t just cheating once, they are cheating multiple times as well. The statistic was 1 in 10 males that went abroad were cheating– and bringing back sexually transmitted infections to their home.

But even in the case of those relationships that aren’t based on adultery, British people believed that they could engage in sexual immorality without consequence.

The Mail puts the problem square at the feet of educators and government– stating something along the lines of “if only the government would mandate health instruction on contraceptive devices, then we could rest at ease knowing that our children were engaging in immoral behavior with some degree of a good feeling of safety.”

The problem is that tests have shown that, especially in those diseases that are passed with simple skin to skin contact, the forms of birth control we have available will not prevent a partner from receiving the results of their sinful act.

And that is the problem here. If you take a quick walk through the Bible you’ll see a lot of time spent about the proper and improper place of sexual relations between two people. You will see that it’s between people of the opposite sex in a marriage relationship. Abstinent until marriage, faithful in marriage. You find no disease entering this relationship.

You’ll also find out why– the Bible states that in all other sins they happen external to the body, but this sin is against their own body. We have the tendency to laugh and joke around about this– making light of people that sleep around– but we should be sorry for them. They are not whole, but joined to many individuals. They’ve taken a precious gift and squandered it in the name of fun.

They may reap the result of their sin, but we need to love them and show them a better way.

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7 thoughts on “Even “Free Love” has a Price

  1. It is rather pathetic how people think that their actions bear no consequences and they do! Their families pay a high price for their indiscretion.

    How cruel to cheat on their loved ones and then to bring home some horrific and incurable diseases!

    It is a great shame.

  2. I think it’s part of the mindset that we find ourselves in today. Our culture has worked very hard to say that sin doesn’t have consequences– or everything will have a fairy tale ending– and that the actions that we take take place in a vacuum. Reality is far different, for what we do will have repercussions either now or in our next life.

    In any case, it’s absurd that people know that there is disease that can be spread sexually– whether they believe that it can be gotten through kissing or whatever– and yet the culture still believes that “it can’t happen to me.”

    Well, wake up. It does, and it is.

  3. I have no problem with your analysis here, but a note of caution about this survey: the Daily Mail does not describe in its articls how these data were collected, and the paper is well known for its tendency to exagerate issues – especially moral issues in order to sensationalise them and “campaign” against them.

  4. Thanks for the insight. It’s true that we should make sure to check what it going on behind the survey. In this case, they are definitely looking to make a point for an increase in Sex Ed.

  5. Maybe I misunderstand, but if the dieseas can be spread by simple skin contact sex would not be nessacary to spread it. If sex was a requirement, then the use of condems would prevent the tranfer 97 percent of the time.
    Although I do not condone sex before marriage. I also don’t condone lieing or distorting the truth to make people believe the same as you do (A problem I see all to often in the church).

  6. I guess I have to give an example in order to make the point.

    *** Parents, you may want to make sure that your kids don’t read the following ***

    Take for example genital warts– a disease that is spread by skin to skin contact in the genital area. Since a condom only covers a part of the skin, and not the total areas that are infected, you could get them without a condom.

    How about genital herpes– something that is evidenced by sores in the genital area is also spread through skin to skin contact.

    Even HIV can be smaller than some defects that condoms can have in them, and all bets are off if they rip.

    My point is that condoms are not a good solution– they inspire false confidence and encourage you to engage in activities with a false sense of security.

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