May 8, 2021

What I’m Going to Try Next Week

So, now that the voting’s completed, I’m going to try something different this coming week. Starting Sunday I will attempt to post one post a day on a bigger topic, rather than multiple little ones. We’ll try this experiment for the entire week and see how you like it, if it fosters more discussion, and if it’s something that will work well. I have my own thought about it, but I’d like to see what happens.

Virtuous Blonde, my wife (formerly only known as Mrs. MInTheGap) will enjoy having more of my attention since it should not take me as long to come up with one well thought out post as it does for four of my thoughts on current events. Don’t worry, this will probably not be a permanent change, and there are the archives to read if you get bored.

So, let’s see where one post takes us next week! Thank you for your continued support of my blog, you are all greatly appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Going to Try Next Week

  1. So what were the results of your poll…one post a day? Just curious.
    I disagree that it takes less time to think out a good long post than to add comments to a current event…but, as it is, I really enjoy both, so I’ll be a daily guest adding to the comments!
    I do understand the need for family time…my dh has so many irons in the fire that when he’s home (actually INDOORS) we girls make the most of it!!!

  2. Four is Fine: 14% (1)
    Three is a Treat: 29% (2)
    Two is Too-Good: 14% (1)
    One is Enough: 43% (3)

    Total Votes : 7

    While it’s true that more people voted for more than one post than voted for just one post, I thought it would be interesting to try one post and get a theme going. I’ll be announcing the theme on Saturday.

    And I don’t know which will be more enjoyable/rewarding: posting or commenting. But I look forward to seeing if we can get some good discussion going, and that may pave the way for something else. Basically, I’m doing a week long research project and we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

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