May 20, 2024

What We Do Is Not Private III

E-mailBe careful how you use e-mail and what you talk about. That was the advice I was given when e-mail was first coming out. That, and the reminder that e-mail has all the privacy of a post card. Two women in Germany found this out the hard way.

The emails between Anica and colleague Christina S., with descriptions on how the women try but fail to arouse their partners, were first sent by accident to other colleagues in their department at the Labor Office.

They were then forwarded to thousands throughout the Labor Office and other government agencies and widely distributed by recipients to people across Germany.

Anica told the daily she and her colleague had not broken any rules because the emails were written on breaks.

As you can imagine, this caused quite the embarassment. I really got a kick out of the last sentence. Like describing your intimate life on break using the corporation’s e-mail somehow makes it better than if it were done while working. I’m certain that people received and forwarded this e-mail while on the clock!

It’s all the more reason to check how your mail program resolves nicknames and to enable read receipts. That way you’ll know if it gets to someone you didn’t want it to go to and maybe you could retract it before it goes far enough for you to get in the news.

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