May 6, 2021

Thirteen Links to Posts That Never Were 2

Thirteen Things MInTheGap Thinks Are Interesting
But Has not Posted On
1. Destiny NortonGirl’s Body Found in Neighbor’s Basement
It’s a tragedy– a child was kidnapped, but far from it being some random person that took her, it was a neighbor, and she died shortly after capture. For five days people searched for her, only to find her next door. No matter how much we worry about the unknown, it may be the known that is the most dangerous.

2. The Terri Schaivo Injustice Will Not Go Away
The nurse that testified in favor of Terri’s Amendment back when they were trying to save Terri Schiavo from death by starvation/dehydration has had her license to practice nursing in Florida pulled because of the public stand she took.

3. We’re Getting the Insurgents
There’s continuous news from Iraq that the Insurgents are not winning– contrary to what the “drive by media” (Rush Limbaugh) want you to believe.

4. A Tragic Accident
A mother came back to pick up her baby at day care, only to realize that she had left the baby in the car all day. The baby was dead. This tragic tale shows that parents are getting too busy and need to rethink their prirorities.

5. Spiderman Outs Himself to The Press
Peter Parker decides to comply with a mandatory revealing of superhero secret identites as the comic books tackle some of the issues facing the United States in a war on terrorism. The whole concept talks to the idea of knowing who your friends are and having information.

6. Is this really 11 Million Years Old?
I find it pretty interesting every time one of these types of things are found. Scientists found an animal that they believed was extinct for 11 Million Years! It goes to show you once again that things haven’t changed over time– they were created by a wise omnipotent Creator.

7. Ken JenningsKen Jennings Has a Sense of Humor
The man who wowed everyone with his prowess at Jeapordy! and brought renewed interest to the show when they changed the rules to let a winnder keep on going wrote some things on a website in a tounge-in-cheek fashion that some said was deragatory to the show that made him famous but he said was all in fun.

8. U.S. Soldiers are not Guilty Before a Verdict
Just because an American citizens are on the battlefield does not mean they forfeit their rights to be innocent until proven guilty. However, this seems to be what the media and others want as they jump to assign blame and choose sides when not all the facts are known.

9. Does The Fact That Tou are Breast Feeding Make it ok to Display One?
The cover of Baby Talk magazine has a picture of a baby sucking on a breast– and it has many people in the U.S. up in arms. It’s certainly something we try to be private about, even when being in public, but should it be such a bad thing?

10. Women Never Lie About Rape
Vox Day addresses the idea that women never lie about rape. Point blank– women cry rape for a lot of reasons– most of which is because the public is disposed to believe them and that the public believes it’s detestable. Now, is it always true that it was rape, and not consensual? A good reason to only have physical relations with your wife.

11. Robin Williams Battles the Bottle
Robin Williams has checked himself into rehab because he’s again addicted to alcohol. Nothing ruins relationships, family, and lives like the stuff– something that should be avoided! God commands us to be filled with the spirit instead of the bottle!

12. David Copperfield Says that He’s Found the Fountain of Youth
Now available at Walgreens for $9.99 an ounce!

13. Strip Poker - Reuters PhotoKnow when to wear ’em, know when to bare ’em…
As if gambling wasn’t bad enough, what started as a gag has turned into an actual game. The UK is about to have its first official strip poker championship. The winner gets a golden fig leaf (reminiscent of Adam and Eve?). Next thing you know they’ll add a Russian Roulette segment or something just to have more sin present (since it’s taking place in a bar, after all).

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12 thoughts on “Thirteen Links to Posts That Never Were 2

  1. Great 13. That story about the little girl found at the neighbor’s house is so very sad. I am also angry over the nurse losing her license over the Terri case. Oh, and the breastfeeding article you linked to is very interesting. I am nursing my 6 week old right now…and it’s funny how nursing changes your own thoughts about breasts. Like seriously, I view them more as what feeds my child. Now, I do try to stay covered out of modesty and making those around me comfy. I think it’s funny that many were outraged over that picture that exposes about as much breast as what is sometimes exposed in today’s clothing worn by gals on magazine covers or on tv. DUMB!

  2. This issue about nursing is a real thing… man it is a tough call. On the one hand, of course children need to eat, and breasts aren’t ONLY sexual, but on the other hand, breasts are percieved as totally sexual in the US (due to the media glorifying it mostly) but, back tot he first hand, if we don’t ever nurse in public won’t that just affirm the thought that the breast is only for sex? and back to the second hand, since the culture is so perverted shouldn’t we cover and hide so that others are not lead into more sin?

    I don’t know the answer, but as a nursing mom I hate being banished from everyday life to feed my child, especially when I can be so discreet as to not even show a breast. But even the thought that I am nursing a child is offensive to some, and leads some to sin in their minds.

    Where do my rights end and others rights begin?

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  3. Don’t get me started on breastfeeding. 🙂

    I, too, doubted the veracity of number 4, but I knew you must have actually seen it somewhere, so I googled it. Talk about a hair-raising. Not only did it happen, it apparently happens on a fairly regular basis.

    Very recently in my area, a father ran over his toddler as he was backing out of the driveway. The family is devastated. It can all be lost in the blink of an eye.

  4. Mrs. Logan, all good points. As people that are to be building others up and not giving opportunities to stumble, we have trouble because women should cover up– but on the same token, do we therefore feed the people that wish to characterize something natural as something wrong?

    Shari, yes, it is so sad! The lives that we now live are so full of things, and we can get so focused on other prioirities that we let things drop. We either need to get more organized or stop doing so many things!

  5. There have been morning when I drive right by my exit because I’m off in never never land, but to go the whole day and go back to the daycare without realizing you never dropped your kid off seems unimaginable. But I have heard of many cases like this. It’s scary. Parents are just way too busy these days.

    As a mother who breastfed, I don’t think it should be such a debate that mother’s breastfeed in public. It’s quite natural and it’s not like mothers are walking around, breasts flying with pasties attached. Mothers have babies attached. Although I guess before I had kids I was probably slightly embarrased if I witnessed it. But then I’m slightly uncomfortable with public displays of affection, but I don’t see anybody trying to stop that yet.

  6. Some of these things were very hard to watch.
    I feel so bad for Destiny. Please update when
    you hear news..
    Great TT
    My TT is up
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Regarding leaving your kid in the car, that mother must not have been too good all around… I mean how do you drive to daycare then forget to leave the kid htere? Or did she just skip the day care all together that morning?? I mean come on! This sort of negligence is not just simply “being too busy” it is depraved indifference, and i hope she went to jail for it.

    If she cant (and i dont think most people can do this well) if she can’t work AND be a good mother, then she ought to give up the finer things in life and stay home! I suppose this could be a direct result of her being a single mother, and then i would say, shame on you for divorcing him in the first place! Now look at your life, it cant be much better than it was with him!

    This sort of thing just really gets my goat. I hope she was prosecuted, this sort of “accident” is really inexcusable.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  8. There’s really not enough there to tell exactly the woman’s situation. It could be (as is happening more and more) that there was a pregnancy out of wedlock. Or it could have been that she was the only one– we don’t know. Suffice it to say, she is in a lot of pain– something that no prison could ever do to her.

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