April 13, 2021

Teacher Arrested for Distributing Obscene Material

To prove that it’s not just the women taking advantage of their male students, a Chesapeake teacher is facing charges because he was showing pornographic images to his students. He had shown pornographic drawings to a 13 year old and 14 year old student and was found with Japanese adult drawings on his person.

It’s not enough that we get spam in our in-boxes, myspace porn, and other things trying to ruin our adolescent’s innocence, we have to be concerned about what 8th grade teachers are bringing to school and who they are showing what. You see, the world is at war with decent morality.

I do not, for a second, buy into the idea that people are practicing this stuff only in their own bedrooms. Society may believe that they can separate what they are with the lights out and the doors shut from who they are in society, but they are grossly mislead. Who a person is in secret when no one is looking (their character) shines through in things that they say, they do, and what they are thinking about.

It is a short distance from what we think about and what we do. That’s why Christ made it a point after the sermon on the mount to intensify sins. He said that it was not enough not to commit adultery– but you had to not look on a woman to lust. It was not enough not to physically kill a person– you must not say that you hate them either.

A. W. Tozer suggests that if you were to monitor what you think about when you can choose what to think about, therein lies your treasure. That would be the thing that you worship and would point to how your decisions were made and what your actions would be. We as a culture are headed down a slippery slope when we think that people can compartmentalize well enough to keep the distractions and sins out of one area of our life when they permeate and dominate another.

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