May 18, 2024

Do You Give Them Another Chance?

With all that’s going on with airlines, what would you do if you had this happen to you on a trip? Briefly put, this plane was incredibly hot at the gate due to the extreme temperatures that we experienced the other week. They could not get the air conditioner working until they got up into the air, but they had an incredibly long time on the ground.

Now I know that sometimes you don’t have a choice but to use a certain airline, but if you have the choice, do you give airlines on which you have had a bad experience a second chance?

My family had a bad experience when I was little on a trip to England. We were flying TWA and it was during a thunderstorm with a 2 yr old with an earache or headache. The stewardess wouldn’t let us help her. The flight was incredibly turbulent. On the way back we flew British Air.

I’ve had some good and bad trips as an adult. I did have one instance a few years back during Hurricane Floyd(?) where I was flying towards Florida and there was a lot of bumps, but the stewardess went out of her way to try to make me comfortable. I was sitting right behind the galley.

I’ve had other experiences on trips, but, I believe the only time we didn’t get a airline another chance was with the TWA trip. How about you?

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4 thoughts on “Do You Give Them Another Chance?

  1. Of course you do. You’re going to have bad experiences for the rest of your life, no sense in alienating someone because of one mishap. Especially when it is the decision of a stewardess (flight attendant for you political ones) in a stressful situation.

    Besides, I have frequent flyer miles with 3 airlines and I am sure I am not unique. I pick who’s most convenient, most affordable and then most reliable. I expect to jump through some hoops now at the airport. Tightened security due to a bunch of “freaks” has seen to that.

  2. You’re probably right. I tend to go for the cheapest tickets as well. However, like I said on the posts, I have had a bad enough ride once to consider not riding on a particular line if I could help it.

  3. I tend to avoid SouthWest, because they lost our baggage on both trips on the ONE two way trip we took… But also I cant stand Delta, because they seem to always run late, and make it hard to fly… and they are down right rude fairly often. But I still would fly both of them, I tend to go for shortest and cheapest flight. I’m at the point now where I am pestering my hubby to get us an RV so we wont have to fly anymore. It just stinks! It used to be “magical” and fun, now it is hot, long, scary, and frustrating.

    I hate flying now… *sigh* too bad my family all lives like 14 hours (by car) away.

    Mrs.Meg Logan

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