April 16, 2021

Dixie Chicks Skip Dixie

Dixie ChicksThe Dixie Chicks have decided that they will skip their namesake. Their new album takes a more controversial tack as they have a renewed boldness to attack the administration and President Bush. That makes them enemies of what’s going on in the land that they got their start.

Meglen said the biggest handicap for the Chicks in the so-called red states, those carried by Bush in the 2004 presidential election, has been fallout from the band’s political comments.

Lead singer Natalie Maines sparked an uproar in March 2003 when she declared during a London concert that the band was “ashamed” to come from the same state — Texas — as Bush.

She later said she was sorry for “disrespecting the office of the president” but fanned flames anew when she retracted her apology in a Time magazine interview this year, saying: “I don’t feel he is owed any respect whatsoever.”

Many country radio stations reacted by refusing to play the Chicks’ music, “and some of those stations wouldn’t even accept our money to run advertising” for their tour, Meglen said.

The official reason for this concert trouble is that ticket sales are slow, that people might not know the show is in town, or because they haven’t been selling tickets there yet. Give me a break! If they were as popular as they want you to think, they’d have no trouble pulling in the crowd.

More likely is this explanation: Far from Texas being ashamed that Bush is from there, the South is ashamed that the Chicks claim their place is their home.

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5 thoughts on “Dixie Chicks Skip Dixie

  1. I’m glad America’s patriotic heart is still beating! It’s refreshing to hear this, in a day where making fun of the President is the favorite pastime of late night talk shows…

  2. I think its equally, if not more, patriotic to stand up for what you believe in. I salute the Dixies Chicks for being shining beacons of democracy in a day and age where too many people are complacent about whats going on in our government!

  3. I can’t say much to this except you’re right– if you have a point of view, express it. Be who you are. Just don’t complain or disparage those that have the opposing view! They are equally human.

  4. Boy oh Boy, a bit testy in here isnt it!?

    I used to like the harmonies of the Dixie Chicks way back in college. Then they said something totally stupid on foreign ground. If they have a problem with the policies in America and with the President, then they could send him a letter, or speak out publically here (freedom of speech), but I sure don’t think that they needed to demean our president in a foreign country, especially one that is already feeling negative towards us. That is down right traitor like.

    I stopped listening to them after that statement, and since have stopped listening to secular music at all, so I doubt I will ever go back.

    Mrs Meg Logan

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