May 27, 2024

Girl’s Pajamas are Struck by Lightning

Pyjamas (Photo credits: PB Teen)

God’s mercy is at work even when we are asleep! When I was a child visitng relatives in the south I slept through a Tornado coming through an area. A girl had a two by four come through her wall and lodge itself right above her bed.

This girl had her pajamas struck by lightning, burning them:

Little Emily Holland was asleep when a shaft of lightning blew a hole in her bedroom ceiling, sending part of her nightclothes up in smoke.

The blast, described by witnesses as a fireball, burnt the arm and central stomach area of youngster’s cotton pyjamas.

But miraculously she escaped with just a small scorch mark to her arm after the main impact of the blast missed her head by inches, leaving a four-inch long burn mark through her bedsheet and mattress.

During a violent storm just after midnight on Wednesday, lightning hit an aerial on the chimney stack above her bedroom, causing part of the roof to collapse, sending debris raining down on the youngster.

We can also rest assured that nothing happens outside of God’s control.

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2 thoughts on “Girl’s Pajamas are Struck by Lightning

  1. This isn’t a bedtime story to tell the kiddos! ;O) Thankfully mine aren’t afraid of storms (they sleep through everything) but to “know” that lightening can do that! Yikes.
    A friend was watching TV when lightening shot through his TV set and into his leg…it messed up his pacemaker and thankfully his wife got him to the hospital in time…
    Very interesting…they say once struck you are more likely to be struck again? Good conducting?

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