May 8, 2021

India suspends doctors over sex tests, abortions

Large sign in an Indian clinic reading "P...
Large sign in an Indian clinic reading “Prenatal disclosure of sex of foetues is prohibited under law” in English and Hindi. Female infanticide is still a major problem in India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite laws to the contrary, the culture in foreign contries mixed with up to date technology has spelled the end for ladies that will never see life outside the womb.

Eleven government doctors in India’s western state of Rajasthan have been suspended on suspicion of carrying out sex determination tests and aborting female [babies], officials said on Thursday.

Despite laws banning such tests, used to abort unborn girls, female infanticide is common in several regions of India where families view boys as being a better asset than girls.

This shouldn’t surprise us. When we have legalized abortions we say that the child is nothing more than tissue– something that can be disposed of at will. When we add technology, we add the ability to choose which lives and dies before they are even born.

This should scare you. Scientists are trying to find ways to tell different things about the child in utero every day. First sex, then diseases, and then pretty soon it’ll be hair color, skin type, etc. If you think this is far fetched, you’re mistaken.

Look at India and China– two contries that favor boys over girls and two countries with a crisis. Since “it’s only tissue” people have chosen to keep the boys. What’s to stop the next generation from doing tests to see how strong the child will be?

It’s the equivalent of the slave trade in the U.S. where value was assigned to human life based on what the perceived benefits for a given person was. Doesn’t this alarm you?

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