May 23, 2024

The Pill’s Undisclosed Side Effects

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         One of the other things that scares me about birth control pills1 is what it does to the woman’s body.  I have heard too many complaints of people having trouble with first pregnancies coming off of the pill, and now this:

“A group of researchers from Oxford University in England has just published a comprehensive analysis of research connecting hormonal contraceptive use (the Pill and similar medications) to cancer of the cervix. They found that women who used the Pill for five years or more had a 90% higher (almost double) likelihood of having cervical cancer than women who never used it, and that women still had a higher risk of cervical cancer as much as 10 years after they stopped using the Pill.”  (Hat Tip: Ashley)

Monkeying with a woman’s hormones seems like the wrong thing to do to get around something that is natural and the way God intended it.  What I fear is that in a few years we’ll find that there are even more things that these hormones did– things that we may not have been able to test for– and we did this all in the name of not having children.

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  1. the first being the fact that it can lead to an abortion of the baby []

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