June 17, 2021

Paris Hilton Preaches Abstinence?

Paris HiltonAbstinence has a new face– if you can believe her. Paris Hilton has come out in favor of abstinence– at least for twelve months. She claims that she’s tired of having the reputation of being easy, and so has come out publically with a pledge to swear off sex for a year.

I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to believe a woman who constantly trades in sex. She used it– or was used depending on whose story you believe– to get famous. She uses it in commercials and her show. Now she’s using it to get attention yet again.

She does make a valid point, however, that young men and ladies should take to heart– some men and women are out there only for what may benefit them in terms of physical pleasure and once you give this to the other instead of it being the glue that unites, it turns out to be the “end of a conquest.”

Marital activity was designed by God to be for marriage alone for a point. In changes things about relationships and it can be something that keeps you and your spouse together– but it is something that is built upon trust, vows, and God’s uniting of two people.

So, while I can support the message– except it should be until marriage, not just until 12 months are up. Oh, and another tip– if you aren’t out there kissing boys, the chances are you won’t end up doing more!

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10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Preaches Abstinence?

  1. I know it’s hard to believe someone when they have messed up so much in the past, but truth be told? I feel sorry for her. I doubt very much she was raised with the all-important Word of God. She has been sold the pack of lies that her body is only meant for the pleasure of others. I pray that her self-imposed chastity will give her time to consider how the promiscuous life is hurting her, and I pray that she will somehow feel God’s presence in her life and begin to seek him. 🙂

  2. Maybe I was a bit harsh, but this woman is acting anything but repentant. First, it’s something that she used to get publicity, second she boasts about how much she is paid for an appearance, and she has not sworn off the lifestyle she has in the first place. I do not know if we’ll even know if she keeps this promise.

    However, I have to agree with how you concluded– she does need the Savior to save her from her sin, and for that we should grieve for her soul. I’m just not sure that even if she were to get saved and start preaching the Gospel whether people would believe she had changed…

  3. I heard on the radio she’s headed to prision for a few! It made me wonder if she’d be a changed person when she got out!?!

  4. “Socialite Paris Hilton should be jailed for 45 days for being in violation of her probation in relation to a drunk-driving arrest last September, according to prosecutors. A judge at Los Angeles Superior Court will review the recommendation, which was made in documents filed on Monday, when Hilton attends a probation violation hearing today. Prosecutors also want the hotel heiress to be banned from consuming alcohol for 90 days and that she wear a monitoring device to ensure she complies with this order. Hilton, 26, was spotted driving along Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on February 28 without her headlights on. Her police stop showed Hilton had been sentenced the previous month to 36 months probation, alcohol education and $1,500 in fines after she pleaded no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving stemming from a September arrest.”

    Hopefully this will be the wakeup call she needs. We can pray that someone’s prison ministry reaches her ;-).

  5. Look Pharise, even Paul before he was saved was named Saw and was a Killer of Christians. Then was Saved by Grace and became Christian and started the church from Jail…..oh this sounds familiar….I serve a God who is bigger than Sex bigger than the stains of sin and bigger than death itself. As Christians we have athority over the wicked don’t judge Paris She has Changed and I belive she will live the life worth living…oh yeah if she even said she would give up sex for 12 months…When you first get saved you don’t know a lot your still a newborn in Christ and she will grow before that year is up and you will see her makeing smarter statments….Our paster who is planting his new church, when he was saved he tryed to move a pop can with his mind, becase the Bible says if you have a faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. Today he moves mountains! For Paris she will be under Attack by satan just look how people are judging her whatch how this wicked nation try to tear her down so to gain power over her. This Amarica is a wicked nation I do belive that your site explains this. GO to http://www.myspace.com/recognitionignition….whatch all videos and realize what Paris and all Christians are up aganst.

  6. Chris– I have no problem with even Paris accepting Christ and becoming a Christian. I’m just saying that her activities should change. After this post was written she was imprisoned! I understand that people can take time to get out of sin, but in your illustration Saul went from killer of Christians to teacher overnight. Things that are wrong should feel wrong to her now.

    She should want to show that she’s different– and how better than to change the way she dresses, stop attending the parties she does, and be known for something different– even charity.

    Let me see the difference on the outside and then we will know there’s been a change on the inside.

  7. I agree totally! The point I was trying to make was she was the party girl of America, the poster child of sin. Satan has lost a big player in recuting people to his play-ground…Las Vegas and your going to see her fall your going to see the attacks of satan on her. Thats why it is improtant for Christians to get ahold of her and give her some solid encouragement. It does take a long time to grow as a Christian, I was saved outside of church when I was 18 and I lived in total disobidence to God for 5 years after partying falling and evenually fell down hard enough to look up and know that I had fallen back in the arms of the Lord. Nothing will snach us from his hand. Now that I am living in Obidiance to Jesus, my life has totally changed. I went from drinking from 11:00am to 2:30am getting pulled over with no insurance, expired tags, did an illigal U turn, and walked the line and blew in the breathilzer and had a loaded gun in the car that by the grace of God didn’t get searched, and I belive that it was God who deliverd me from all that when the state highway patroll let me go with a warning. Now I have a Leadership role at my church that we are going to plant next april. God will never let Paris go she will stray and she will fall but God will Carry out his work through her no matter what!! She has been called.

  8. Did I miss something? Did Paris Hilton give her life to Christ recently? If so, praise God! I agree it certainly often takes times for the Holy Ghost to work through us and change all our habits. I was not aware of that news, however.

  9. Doug, I’ve heard third or fourth hand that she has made some kind of confession. That being said, I agree with you, Chris, if the confession is more than just something to say. That has yet to be seen– since there should be some outward desire changes– at least seeing Paris starting to look for a church to attend or something.

    I will await to see if she’s made a true conversion until after we see some fruit. Until then, I can pray that it is true, but I may never know her heart (or see her in person!).

    Furthermore, keep in mind that this post was written well before any of this latest activity has happened– this was last August (2006).

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