April 17, 2021

She Fell, and Now She’s Suing

To hear an Illinois woman tell it, she was surprising her mom with a birthday visit and it was supposed to be a fun family time, but because her parents did not take care of an icy driveway she fell, broke her ankle, and she’s seeking more than $75,000 in damages.  Why does she think that she’s entitled to this money?  Because her parents wrote her a letter telling her that they were sorry that she fell, and they knew that area was slippery because it had a leaky gutter.

So, this woman’s grounds for suing is that her parents didn’t fix a gutter system at their house that they knew about and she slipped and fell.  I wonder what percentage of that award that she is looking for did she take off because it was she that did the walking.

Last night, we emptied a small pool we had in the back yard and it had a film on it that made it slick.  My oldest was running across it, slipped and fell and thought it was the greatest thing– granted he didn’t break anything.  In fact, he and the younger kept walking across it and either trying to slip or faking slipping.  I suppose they could sue for the jar to the head when they fell or something because I didn’t put more safeguards around the pool to keep them from walking on it?

What would be expected of the parents with the ice?  If they could not afford the repairs to the gutters, should they have bought cones and tape?  Did the parents warn the daughter about the ice– or perhaps they didn’t because the usual visitors know about the situation.  There certainly seems like there’s more going on in this story than what we’ve been told.

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