April 13, 2021

An 83 Year Old Ballplayer Encourages Us

83-Year Old Baseball PlayerThis man is the oldest man to ever play professional baseball. He’s 83 years old! He was given the chance to start a game for the Sioux Falls Canaries. With his at-bat– four pitches, one of which he fouled off– he made his way into the record books.

For him, it wasn’t about records, but the challenge. This man wasn’t there for the glory, but to have a chance to see what he could do against kids a quarter of his age.

We live in a day in age where people are doing things for fame all the time. We live in a time where people eat all kinds of disgusting body parts, jump off buildings with rubber bands tied on their legs, and do just about anything for the thrill of the money or the rush of adrenaline.

This guy’s purpose is different. He wanted to try his stuff against the real thing. He wanted to be part of the fight. He wished to have more at bats.

This leaves us with two questions:

  1. What in your life are you not doing, and will look back and wish you tried?
  2. Why aren’t you attempting great things for God– you just might be surprised tha He gives you the strength to accomplish it?

My grandfather was like this. The last time he was up in our hometown he rode the round up with my sister. He was in his upper 80s. We were all worried that he’d have a heart attack, but he called my sister a chicken. She wasn’t– I was!

I miss my grandfather who died this past February, but if there was anything that his life displayed it was going forward as long as you could no matter what tried to stop you. Knowing that I’ll see him again some day is of great comfort and a challenge.

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2 thoughts on “An 83 Year Old Ballplayer Encourages Us

  1. You didn’t answer your question. I’m curious what that would be for you.

    My dream is to use my gift of photography to further the kingdom. I have enjoyed it since I was small and really feel that God has given me that for his purpose. I am fairly certain that it’s not about the flowers that I currently photograph, but maybe someday it will be about something bigger. I’m working toward it, we’ll see what opportunities God gives me to use my gifts! I’m excited to find out.

    I can’t think of anything I haven’t tried that I will regret not doing, but I certainly regret not following through with things that I had a passion for but didn’t have the courage to achieve. I of course can’t think of any of those off the top of my head either!

    I think you pegged the sequel to “Ice Princess” I’ll have to watch it with my nieces when it comes out.

  2. Well, there is always a lot of things you wonder if you should have done that you are not doing. I never thought I would be in the occupation I’m in– perhaps that’s why being online like this makes me energized in some ways that I’ve never been before.

    The Lord has blessed me in many ways, starting with my family on down to the talents and gifts He has given, and it’s always been hard for me to figure out exactly what to do with them. It makes me think (sometimes) that my life would be easier if there was one thing I was really good at rather than a bunch of things I’m ok at! 🙂

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