May 27, 2024

Who Would Want Our Maternity Clothes?!

Well, it’s happened again. This past week Virtuous Blonde spotted some affordable maternity clothes on eBay. I used my honed sniper skills to purchase the set for a reasonable price. Problem was that we did not know exactly when the seller would ship the items. We asked early in the week, and the seller was waiting for the payment to clear. PayPal sent us a notification, and the item got here Monday at 12:00 pm. Well, like I’ve already mentioned, we were not home at that time– we did not get in until 4:00 pm.

So, sometime between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm someone had the audacity, in broad daylight, to walk up on my porch and steal my wife’s maternity clothes. I should have made sure “maternity clothes” was written on the box in big lettering. I have no doubt that the people that stole them thought it was something better than that.

But who would have known that we were not around? Who would have taken advantage of such a small window? Why can’t the police ever find the culprits? Why do I feel so unsafe in this neighborhood?

We had believed that the Lord wanted us to stay in this place a little while longer, but I’m beginning to wonder about that. If I cannot feel safe that a box of maternity clothes is not able to sit on my porch for four hours without being stolen, how about anything other property I have?

We live in a fallen society that I fear is getting worse– we must take precautions to protect our children and those things that the Lord has blessed us with. I’m not saying that He was not in control of the situation. I’m not saying that there may be someone that really needed those clothes more than my wife (her maternity clothes are more winter oriented). But I am saying that as a steward of those things that God gives me, I guess I need to do a better job of protecting them.

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11 thoughts on “Who Would Want Our Maternity Clothes?!

  1. Are you sure they weren’t delivered to the wrong house? I’m so thankful for honest neighbors because that’s happened SO many times. Once, a title to a vehicle we’d bought was delivered by the yellow van guys (sorry, brain freeze) to a totally different address two different times!(COME ON! they’re paid to be able to read a map!)
    And we live in the country!
    I hope she gets her clothes back!

  2. We’re pretty sure they weren’t delivered to the wrong house. The lady who brings our mail is the regular delivery lady, and we stopped her when we saw her yesterday and asked her about the packages. She knows at which house we live, and mentioned that there were packages for both us and the neighbors. She remembered putting it on the porch, not in plain sight and was sad to hear that it was taken.

    The police came and took a statement and questioned those in the neighborhood– but I think it’s time again to search for a new house. This is the third incident of something happening to us, and I don’t know that the new neighbors are what we were looking for either.

    We would also like a place that we are not going to outgrow very soon.

  3. Maybe someone will have a change of heart and return it. Here’s hoping. I feel for your wife…by baby #3 new maternity clothes are very anticipated!

  4. Good luck finding ANY maternity skirts or dresses. I looked everywhere for the above when expecting in 2004…wanted something special for Easter (didn’t want to sew!) and the absolute ONLY thing I found was a knee length denim skirt at Fashion Bug. JC Penney had nothing but slacks/pants in their maternity dept…
    If I’d had big $ to spend, I could have ordered from Motherwear or another maternity catalog…but I settled for the skirt and bought a pink shirt for the “Easter” look!
    Maybe next time you order from ebay request that UPS or whoever requires a signature before leaving package?

  5. That makes a lot of sense. I may try that next time.

    Virtuous Blonde was excited about some capri pants she was going to be getting, and now she didn’t. But there is a praise out of all this. As we were putting the kids in the car seats after Bible Study tonight, there was a bag of two maternity shirts. I think that one will work. No note or anything, just the shirts. Someone was thinking of us!

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