May 8, 2021

A Brilliant Strategy – Homosexuals make us Laugh

Over the weekend we rented The Perfect Man from our local grocery store for entertainment.  It looked like the normal fluffy romantic pieces that my wife likes, so we took to watching it Saturday afternoon.  The story wasn’t too terrific– this isn’t a review, per se– but one character stands out as part of what the overall strategy of the homosexual movement has been up until now.

The bartender of this bistro– a blonde 20-30 year old guy– portrayed a homosexual man in a very humours manner.  He had to check his hair, he liked the big construction guys, and he went to a Jets game asking the men if that meant they got to go the World Series when they won.

This tactic is amazingly clever, for what we can laugh at we’ll soon accept.  No matter what sin Hollywood as deemed blessed for the time it is working, the first stage of getting people over their inhibitions to it is to get them to laugh at it.

In the olden days of television you had Leave it To Beaver and the Dick Van Dyke Show.  These shows had stable families raising children.  In order to get society to appreciate a story with a divorced woman/man, we were made to laugh at divorce.  Now, there’s a divorced character in every show that’s the hero.

The first addition of gay characters in sitcoms was for laughs.  Now they’re the heros in movies and we’re meant to see them not as ordinary people or someone that is not different– but they are glorified because of the activity in which they wish to take part.

Now they’ll be heros, and soon anyone who thinks that a person defined by his vice is not a good role model or hero will be labelled a homophobe.  Doubt me?  Just you wait and see.

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2 thoughts on “A Brilliant Strategy – Homosexuals make us Laugh

  1. I remember gay activists protesting Eddie Murphy’s poking fun at homosexuals. Their problem is that he was really making fun at them for what they do that defines them. Current humor amied at gays makes light of the stereotypes rather than the reality. Yes, gays do want us laughing at them but on their own terms.

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