June 23, 2021

What to Say to Get Her to Love You

It’s amazing how far love has come over time. Eve was created as a help meet for Adam (making Adam the only man that never had to wonder if this was the woman for him!). Then we have a time where women were betrothed to a man, dowries, camels, and the like. We proceeded to courtship, dating, and now we have articles written about top ten pick-up lines.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? How far we have come in terms of love and relationships. Relationships are now based on feelings and convenience, where at one point it time they were based on need and committment. Families relied on each other because they have to, now they try to spend as much time apart as they can.

As the family disintigrates, other relationships try to come in to fill the gap:

  • Almost Marriage – “We’ll live in the same house, split the bills, and hope there aren’t any kids.”
  • Same Sex Marriage – “What do you mean by marriage being limited to a man and a woman?”
  • Many Marriages – “The more wives the merrier! Want to take a look at my seventy-five children!”
  • Animal Marriages – “Bessy sure looks fine, and I can get milk from her too…”
  • Swinging Marriages – “What do you mean forsake all others, others make it more fun!”

As our families get invaded by these perversions of God’s original intent, watch our children be more and more permissive and more and more perverse in what they think is right. As I’ve said before, it is pretty interesting that as things go more and more toward disorder, we are moving closer and closer to a society not unlike Sodom and Gomorrah.

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6 thoughts on “What to Say to Get Her to Love You

  1. It is rather sad how society views marriage, it is like a free-for-all! Marriage used to be a lifetime committment and divorce was not an option.

    Now, people are signing pre-nups and swinging, and if they get tired of that person they call it quits!

    Very very sad indeed.

  2. I think the worst development along these lines must be cohabitation. For some reason, women think it’ll be practice for marriage, but it leads to divorce in greater numbers.

  3. not just women think that!

    anyway, i met my husband in college and was determined to marry him, the righteous man that he was… but had I not met him, I would have been quite willing to have an arranged marraige if one could be found.

    Even before I married my husband I knew he wasnt perfect, and I knew I wasnt marrying him because I loved him (though i did love him) I knew I would grow to love him… and that i could grow to love whomever i married if I purposed to do so.

    Today, though our first two years were VERY hard, i feel closer to my husband than most people never even dream of. I am blessed to have married a man who is upright before the Lord, who loves HIM and obeys Him and who honors the Word inhis dealings with me. Though I submit, he lays his life down for me, and makes submission easy.

    I used to think i had gotten the short end of the stick, marrying a man with such high standards, but now I see it differently. I am truly blessed. my marraige is a witness to others, and brings God glory… and I get the blessings of submissiona nd obedience.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  4. At first glance, the co-habitation seems the least wrong (ha)…but it’s the real kicker. “practice for marriage”? It’s no wonder so many who live together don’t ever marry. I think the “honeymoon” period really bonds a couple so they make it through the hard times…knowing you’re married through the good, the bad and the really really bad. Respect goes along with love, and I couldn’t respect a man who wanted all the perks with no responsibility.
    I know SO many people who live together, it’s scary. Really scary. It’s so accepted.

  5. It’s so accepted that people are no longer batting an eyelash at casual sex and cohabitation. It’s creeping into our institutions like banks who have account for more than one person with different names. Renting, all sorts of things.

    Mrs. Logan, you’re truly blessed, and honor be bestowed on you for how you and your husband point others toward Christ.

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