April 12, 2024

Eww… Predigested Food?

Whenever hot dogs are served at our table, someone has to ask if we know where the hot dogs came from. Every time I pour myself a bowl of cereal, I think of the similarities between dog, cat, and chicken food. So it should come as no surprised that most of what we eat has been predigested:

To manufacture cheap, delicious food that is packaged for convenience, basic food crops such as corn, wheat and potatoes are dissembled into their molecular parts — starchy flours, protein isolates, fats and oils — or what manufacturers call ‘slurries.’ ‘The bulk of what is extracted is starch slurry, a milky mixture of starch and water, but we also have extracted proteins and fibers,’ according to a video explanation of the process from Starch Europe, part of the European Starch Industry Association.

“We are eating predigested food….”

We’re all like the bird that eats the worm that the mama bird has chewed– or worse.

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