April 18, 2021

Friday Data Dump

Circumhorizontal arc

Rainbow that set the Sky on Fire

A circumhorizontal arc was in the sky over Idaho on June 19th, lighting it up like a rainbow. This phenomenon is caused by ice crystals in the sky that bend the suns rays similar to a prism.

Maggie Gallagher

Father’s Day by the Numbers

Maggie Gallagher takes a look into the statistics around fathers and how involved they are with their children. There are many out there that do not have a father they can count on, and this has a big imact on children.

Underwear Photo Ripped from N.J. yearbooks

A photo of a young lady in a yearbook caused quite a stir. The photo was taken of a girl in a skirt sitting on a desk during a play, and the picture showed a bit of underwear. So, the school took action and removed the page from the book and will be replacing it with another. Was the girl embarassed? This wouldn’t have happened if skirts were a little longer!

Minimum Wage Increase

I’m waiting for the government to step in and mandate a wage scale for us that get paid more than minimum wage. I mean, they keep inflating the dollar, and making my salary look smaller and smaller compared to those doing less skilled occupations. Pretty soon, those with multiple years of experience will be making the same money as high schoolers flipping burgers.

Matthew and Melissa O'Brien

Flight of Young Adults is Causing Alarm Upstate

And why shouldn’t it cause alarm? For some time now, New York has been one of the highest taxed, most regulated states in the land. Those that are born and raised up there leave for higher paying, less taxed jobs elsewhere. Some upstate counties pay close to 10% sales tax! And that’s what the NY Times says is the worry, the tax base. Well, let’s be bright, and keep raising the taxes to get more money in– that’ll do the trick.

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