May 20, 2024

As If We Weren’t Taxed Enough

One of the signature reforms that were on the lips of the politicians last fall was the health care system.  Whether it was Sen. McCain’s gimmick of allowing insurance companies to go across state lines or then Sen. Obama’s plan to nationalize a bit of the health care system, both of them believed that the health care system was broken and that adding government was the best solution.

Of course, we’ve already discussed this, and know that it’s not, but that doesn’t stop the geniuses that run our government and who are looking to control our every breath deciding that they know better.

As if the taxes that we have aren’t enough:

Health-care overhaul legislation being drafted by House Democrats will include $600 billion in tax increases and $400 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel said.

Democrats will work on the bill’s details next week as they struggle through “what kind of heartburn” it will cause to agree on how to pay for revamping the health-care system, Rangel, a New York Democrat, said today. The measure’s cost is reaching well beyond the $634 billion President Barack Obama proposed in his budget request to Congress as a 10-year down payment for the policy changes.

If that doesn’t bother you—on top of the stimulus money we don’t have (that we’re printing or borrowing from China) and the fact that our President has said that we’re out of money—I’m not quite sure I know what will.

It’s as if our leaders have decided that we’re already lost, so they might as well enjoy our demise.  Not only have they not taken enough care to see the effects of the moves they are planning on the people of other countries1, but now they’re willing to mortgage generations for freebies today.

Will the average American care?  One would hope so, but that’s usually the person with their hand out.  Because the government has done such a good job making the people dependent upon it, rather than self-reliant.  And no people so dependent on their government will last long.

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  1. Obviously, they’re more attentive to the power that it has given other governments! []

2 thoughts on “As If We Weren’t Taxed Enough

  1. You can’t buy prosperity. Throwing money at everything is only going to make things more difficult since people will believe there isn’t a problem. Fact is that America is living beyond it’s means, and the sooner people find that out, the easier it will be. Usually takes an entire generation to come out of a slump like that.

  2. What is encouraging is that more people are building their savings and not going into debt. Since credit card refunds are getting lower, people are leaving those as well.

    The problem is not just the debt; however, it’s also that we’ve become a consumerist nation– we don’t really have a lot of manufacturing any more. Until the government gets out of the way of business, we’ll still be in a slump.

    It’s hard to see this administration understanding this and not turning us into a third world nation within a generation.

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