May 8, 2021

Tuesday Data Dump

This is the first of Tuesday/Thursday specials in which I give you a link and a brief take on some articles that I’ve read that interested me. This is in place of the multiple articles that I would link to and then give commentary. I’m trying things this way because I think that you’d rather read something original than constantly reading other people’s news here, but I also want to continue to provide you with links that interest me. The other reason to do it this way is that I have a tremendous backlog of articles that interest me, and if I have to write something on all of them they won’t be news by then! I’d rather give you current news than three months ago. So, without further ado, the first Tuesday Data Dump.

Students Use High-Pitched Ring Tone Many Adults Can’t Hear

Our first stop takes us to an article that has an interesting twist. It appears that adults created some kind of “Mosquito” sound that was supposed to drive away teens but not be heard by adults. This took advantage of the fact that as we age we cannot hear as high of a pitch. Students, on the other hand, now use that sound to
send text messages to each other during school– ingenious, aren’t they?

Vox Day: The moral delusion of the agnostic

Vox DayVox takes an agnostic to task for a very basic reason– agnostics can claim that they are moral people (as for that matter can atheists) but what they are really doing is comparing themselves to morals that are set up by the religious area into which they are born. They are not creating a morality from the ground up, but picking and choosing a morality from the ground up.

Vox Day: Exit Christianity, enter slavery

Vox DayVox makes a compelling point about where our society is headed in this post. He starts by referring to a story in England where people in airplane terminals coming off of airplanes can participate in a slave market for women. He states that Christianity is a glue that binds society together. Pointing to the advent of Protestant Christianity as the end of slavery, he goes back to history to draw the conclusion that should a society turn from Christianity you can expect to see more slavery.

A Demon’s Demise

Iraq the ModelIraq the Model, a blog from Iraq, points to the different reactions to the death of Abu Al Zarqauwi in this Wall Street Journal article. He points out that Hamas and those that have nothing to gain by Iraq call him a martyr, while those in Iraq consider it a major victory one. He then challenges the reader to side with those that are civilized and appalled by the terrorists or to side with the terrorists.

Post Birth Abortion?

Mindcleaner LogoThe Conservative Mind Cleaner uses a comic strip to illustrate the absurdity of abortion. In this comic, a woman that supports post birth abortion is interviewed, and continues to support it until her mother calls saying that she hasn’t called in the last week, and that she will be aborted. The point of the comic being, at what point does any child stop being a responsibility and to some extent a job for the parent, and why stop a parent from aborting at any time (even after birth) when the child is going to be too much trouble?

Trysting Teachers Caught in the Act

Trysting TeachersMore from the “why are you still sending your children to public school instead of homeschooling” file. Two teachers including the one at the left were caught engaging in consensual yet private activity in a locked classroom by students who were peering through the window. When confronted, the man involved did not even admit that he did anything wrong until the woman did. Both were suspended. Why is this kind of thing able to go on in the school– I mean, we have enough problems with what the teens are doing, and what teens and teachers are doing, but what are teachers thinking when they engage in this kind of activity (adding to it that they were not married to each other!) in the classroom in school while it’s in session let alone at all!

Woman Charged With Providing Sex, Alcohol To Teens

Peggy BickThis woman was on waiting trial on indecent exposure and lewdness charges when she decided to throw a party for children under 16. At that party she provided alcohol and had sex with two adolescents. Let this be a wakeup call for some of you. Do you know where your children are? Do you keep tabs on who is throwing parties and what will be happening there? We can no longer just trust that parties are like we remember them.

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