March 4, 2024

Is Rush The Reason Romney Lost?

Rush LimbaughAs Sean Hannity pointed out recently, the first couple of weeks after an election is the time that the losing team stands around pointing fingers at who is to blame.  It finally has gotten around to Rush Limbaugh:

GOP strategist Mike Murphy said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the primaries were “driving the Republican brand right now to disaster” and that Republicans needed to acquire a view of the country “that’s not right out of Rush Limbaugh’s dream journal.”

Next up was GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who last week at a University of Delaware panel discussion said that Limbaugh’s “white, 65 plus and rural” audience is “not what the country looks like anymore” and that Limbaugh was driving a message of “total ludicrous nonsense.”

Rush had a response for both—Murphy got whom he wanted and Schmidt never won a race.  But this goes far deeper.  The GOP is blaming the conservatives, and the conservatives are blaming the moderates.  Perhaps it’s time for a conservative candidate to have a chance, since the last two moderates have lost?

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