April 13, 2021

Legalize Terrorism

After reading many posts about a multitude of topics, I have come to the decision that the easiest way to win the War on Terror is not to fight it in foreign lands, close borders, or even to do checks at airports. The easiest way to win the War on Terror is to legalize it.  Here’s how it would work.

  • Stage 1 would see the US requiring registration for all non-Muslims in the US. It could be designated on government forms such as Passports, Drivers licenses, etc. Each denomination could be placed in some color coding, or one for all (perhaps a religious symbol for everyone so it seems fair). This would also permit for quicker conversations regarding Supreme Court nominees and those that want to inject religion into public places.
  • Stage 2 would come about in the establishment of Terrorist Community Centers. At these centers, facilities would be provided for meeting rooms for discussion of tactics, beheading rooms, rape rooms, etc. Video camera equipment, internet and phone feeds would be provided.
  • Stage 3 would have the government accept requests from the TCCs for certain numbers of “infidels” to report to the TCCs regarding policies and practices that the TCCs thought to be wrong or bad for the terrorists religions. They could have the given people report to the center and they could be treated to the different rooms, or just held for a while and let go– depending on the mood of the people at the TCC.

This would have the following benefits:

  • No buildings or infrastructure would have to be impacted (per se), since people could be killed without hurting infrastructure. The same terrorist effect would be had on all people that were non-terrorist muslim, since they never know when their name will come up.
  • The terrorists could look better, because they could select targets, rather than just killing indiscriminately. Therefore, if they felt like killing white blondes, they could, rather than killing children, whatever.
  • We would know where the terrorists were.  We would not have to be in fear of them– since we know they are going to commit terror anyway, why not make sure that…
  • We would be able to regulate the TCCs, so that we could make sure that things were done in a decent and orderly way.
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