July 23, 2024

The 14th Amendment and Donald Trump

Seems like I can’t escape talking about our 45th President because he’s in the news and dominating the conversation even without posting on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Which seems like it’s part of the plan.

The strategy to beat this man for the Presidency is multi-pronged, as expected.

  • There’s the group that’s trying to beat him in the GOP Primary
  • There are the indictments (4 so far) including the latest with the mugshot
  • There’s the 14th Amendment and states trying to bar people from voting for him.

The MAGA contingent of the electorate views attacks on “their man” as attacks against them, and instead of causing them to leave the former President, it only makes them want to stand up for him more.

Here’s more from the last item that they’re trying– the states trying to keep Trump off the ballot:

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