May 9, 2021

Celebrities and Websites Making My Point

Two celebrities are making my points for the last few posts I have.

In a way, tragedy struck Chris Cagle. After his previous marriage in which there were children, he was getting all excited when his girlfriend announced she was pregnant. The birth went well, and both the mother and the child are fine.

Then the news– the baby is not his. I can only imagine how this feels. I one day he finds that not only has his girlfriend been unfaithful, but that the child he has long anticipated is not his. But why should he expect her to be faithful? After all, she’s just his girlfriend, and he wasn’t able to be faithful to his wife.

And in more girlfriend/boyfriend news:

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have announced that Katie is expecting. While one should expect to be excited for the couple, the fact that they are only engaged and not married means that, they too, are going about things the wrong way.

Let alone the fact that Cruise has a 12 and 10 year old with his ex-wife! Not that I have too big a problem with the generation gap, but it must have an interesting effect on these two children.

Can you see what our society is promoting as normal? Do you see what it is glamorizing? Holmes gushed about, as a little girl, always wanting to grow up and marry Tom Cruise. Now she’s having his baby, and is still not married.

Lastly, the front page of had a link to an article entitled “The Booty Call Code of Behavior” that included the following points:

  1. Don’t Date (wouldn’t want to confuse immorality with a relationship)
  2. Resist Redialing (wouldn’t want to make the other person think that there’s anything between you)
  3. Keep it short and sweet (the only reason to have them spend the night is to “roll in the hay” the next morning)
  4. Be Honest (make sure that you’re not getting any feeling and that you’re still okay with this, because that guilt can get you)

Do you see what’s happening to our society? We encourage and give tips for non-committal sex. We glorify it in celebrities when they have kids or sex videos. We trumpet “not to values” and “it’s my body” from the housetops and then wonder why we end up like Cagle.

Last night in Bible Study we studied Ruth and Boaz. Specifically, the time when Ruth came to Boaz and “uncovered his feet” and asked him to do the duty of the kinsman redeemer and marry her. We talked about how honorable and noble Boaz was to protect her reputation and to not do anything with her in the dark of the night. Do you see the difference?

When will we wake up?!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrities and Websites Making My Point

  1. I know it just keeps getting worse and worse. Demi & Asthon, flaunting their marriage and her pregnancy.

    Not mention Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, who have never married, and have children out of wedlock, they say if they got married it would ruin their relationship?! Sheesh!!

    We need to get back to basics, before it is too late.

  2. Oh man, that guy in the first story must be gutted! But I really question as to how the mother really feels? True on your comment of her being faithful, pain (most times) is the price of pursuing pleasure.

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