April 12, 2024

Female Teachers Haven’t Stopped

kent_teacherIn the many years that the female teacher-male student scandals were thrust into our view, you would think that these would have abated, and yet exactly the opposite has happened.

It doesn’t seem that a week goes by before another teacher is accused of having physical relations with a member of her class, with no sign of it slowing down.

The latest is Barbara Jeanne Andersen, 37, who is shown in the picture above.  She was caught in relations with one of her 17-year-old students who happened to tell his uncle—who turned her in.  She was texting and having relations with the boy.

Why Is This Happening?

I fault a lot of this on the equality movement and feminism.  Women have been taught since the 60s and 70s that they are the same as men, and if men can sleep around1 then why not women?  If men can have affairs and get younger women, then why not women as well?

So these women prey on their students, who are both very willing (considering their development into young men and their hormones) and are their students, so they get both bragging rights and a weird relationship where it could affect their grades should they refuse the advances.  That last one is the one that has the authorities involved.

How Will It Stop?

I’m not sure that under the current arrangement, it can.  The current judicial system gives women all the power in relationships.  It is they that get the house, car, money, and the kids should they choose to leave their husbands.  It is they that are seen as the virtuous ones by default, not because of anything that they have done, but simply because of their sex.

The tables will turn when they are given their equality in every way—when society stops seeing them as innocent and the “weaker vessel” that they were meant to be and starts equating them to the male predator made so famous by Dateline.

When that happens, I think you’ll see a lot of women wishing that they could be different than men again—like they always have been—and could seek their protection.  Instead of being men.

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  1. Which I also believe is wrong. []

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