April 19, 2021

History it Ain’t

From today’s Answers in Genesis:

There is one thing AiG can agree with regarding the new evolutionary documentary “Ape to Man” that first aired on The History Channel last Sunday (August 7) in America (and will be rebroadcast later today, August 11). It is the comment made by the program producers that a “compelling question in our history” is: where do we come from? (Which leads to the ultimately more important question, “Why are we here?” which the Bible addresses from Genesis to Revelation.) But that’s about all creationists have in common with the beliefs expressed by the TV program’s producers.

The article goes on to poke holes in the fact that there is little evidence to support this worldview, and yet it is preached as truth. We need to be on guard and know about what society is telling others… Kinda goes along with a previous post as to whether what you see in the media is truth or not! Thank God for AiG and their work in showing us the truth and science from the Bible!

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