June 16, 2024

Oklahoma Doctor Finds Her Way Home

Jana Karim

Jana Karim is yet another example of women who have given up the workforce for a chance to work in the most rewarding and challenging vocation a woman can be in– mother and teacher of her own children.

Once upon a time she was the high-achieving career woman who had it all, but decided she really, really wanted her nanny’s job.

The 43-year-old blonde is also “Dr. Karim,” a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology with a degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. After two decades in the medical profession, the good doctor had delivered thousands of babies and established a successful practice in metropolitan Oklahoma City. During that time she also wed her soul mate and bore three beautiful children.

Four and a half years ago, she chose to exchange the stethoscope and the bedside manner for the elementary school books and the chauffeuring detail. After retiring from her enviable job, Dr. Karim is now a stay-at-home mom who also homeschools her children, ages 11, 9, and 6.

It was a hard transition. Her mother and husband were skeptical. It seems to be the opposite of what the feminists worked for, and yet she claims it is the most reward job she has had.

“I know that I wasn’t listening to God when He was telling me what I should do,” she says. “In the last few years that I was working, I just knew that I was supposed to be doing something different, as we had things happen. (For instance) we bought a new house that was supposed to be the dream house, but it was infested with fleas.”

She smiles at the memory, but the conversation returns to the serious.

“We realized we got caught up in the materialistic side of things – having the best cars, house, vacations – and we weren’t focusing on the spiritual side and ‘making yourself better for God’ side.”

If only we would see that our greatest witnessing and outreach are done as a function as bringing up our children, we would have a greater impact for Christ!

And what about socialization? She says that finding positive social outlets for her children is a breeze. “It’s not ‘how do you get socialized?’ she says, but rather ‘how do you stop being pulled in different directions?’”

Let this be an encouragement and challenge to you. We don’t all need two cars and fancy houses! We do need what God wants for us and a life that is devoted to Him and Godly Seed!

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3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Doctor Finds Her Way Home

  1. What a great story. My obstetrician also chose to give up her “real job” when her firstborn was 9 months old. She said it wasn’t worth it. Losing her was awesome. :O) It forced me to go to a midwife for my third child a decision we’ll never regret. And my former dr is LOVING her new job being a sahm, even 3 years later.

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