April 17, 2021

Peace in the Storm

Something that happened last night made me think of Peter in prison.

After a long day which involved trips to the ER and babysitters, Virtuous Blonde and I were taking out the trash and getting ready for bed.

Being that it was quite humid out, I went in for a quick shower while the Mrs. was folding clothes in the living room at the front of the house. There was a bang, and she came running into the bathroom saying something happened to the house. I quickly toweled off (somewhat) and ran to the front, only to find one of our recycling containers on the porch of our house with its contents in front of the door. As you can imagine, this frightened the Mrs., and I went around to see if anyone saw who did it.

It took us a while to feel comfortable last night, but it got me to thinking about Peter in the prison right before the angel came to set him free. The account in Acts states that the angel had to hit Peter to wake him. Peter was so asleep, that just calling his name wouldn’t work. Obviously he had a learned a great lesson since the times where Jesus was asleep in a storm and had to be awakened to calm it. Jesus asked where their faith was. Obviously Peter had it now.

How is your faith in God’s protection and provision? Can you be at peace in trials?

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