August 19, 2022

The Power of a Creative Being

The power of Creation never ceases to amaze me. Just stop for a moment and look around on a warm summer night. Think about the scale of power demonstrated by the hurricane or tornado. Marvel at the underground caverns. Above all these things, imagine a Creative Force that creates other beings capable of creation. Look at the birds that create elaborate nests. Marvel at the spider’s web. But even then, you can wonder at the creative power of a human.

The funny thing is, humans express creativity in all sorts of ways– some humorous!

You see here the reported world’s largest building made of LEGO pieces in Guenzburg, southern Germany.

Now, I used to play with the space set of LEGOs and have even dabbled a little bit with the Knight set, and I may get into it again if my children begin to like them.  I’ve never created something this big, though.

When I was in England, many years back, they had a life-sized set of an Alice In Wonderland scene that was pretty impressive. I believe Harrods also had a life-sized soldier on display. I can’t image the amount of effort and planning that went into the 4209 working hours of construction. Can you imagine the size of the instruction book? I bet that it doesn’t specify how to assemble the thing piece by piece.

Don’t look now, but the final episode of Star Wars is coming out soon. Did you ever own your own costume for a series? I mean, I think I can remember dressing up like C-3PO in one of those chintzy plastic   Halloween costumes a long time ago. It takes a serious fan to actually rent or borrow an outfit that could be mistaken for the original!

I personally like the fact that even a child can hold up the evil force of the dark side. Don’t let the gun control people find this picture, though.

I don’t know when I’ll see this last episode. Virtuous Blonde isn’t as fond of science fiction as I am, so it may be a while.

Unfortunately, humans don’t just create works of “art” like LEGO sculptures and movies. They also create strife.

This is President Bush’s nomination for the position of US representative to the UN, John Bolton. He’s been known to be a conservative that doesn’t like the way the UN is operated, and would be a reformer of the body.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the UN. I don’t think that nations that are the size of Rhode Island should have as big a say as the US. I don’t think that people with human rights violations in grand display happening in their country should be ones that are trying to regulate things on other countries.

I think that it’s possible that the Anti-Christ may come to be leader of the UN– especially if it gets more power.

All of that aside, I think that be it a problem that some senators have with this man since he doesn’t support normalization with Cuba, or if the accusations are true that he’s rough with those under them demanding results– neither of these things disqualifies the man. In fact, it may recommend him more. We in America have become lazy in some sectors. Part of the 9/11 attacks are because of our laziness. We need someone that demands results.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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