April 17, 2021

Are we looking for Christ’s Return?

Continuing on the theme from yesterday, a few days ago Mona Charen wrote an article entitled Moyers and the Party of Gloom. This article starts out saying that the liberal Moyers is exaggerating, but then she makes this statement:  “Now Moyers has a degree from the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, so he must know that the people who believe the rapture is imminent are very few.”  Really, Mona?

I believe that the Southern Baptist Convention believes that the rapture is imminent, as well as most  fundamental baptists and a lot of Pentecostals.  Like the figure she quotes, 59% believe that Revelation will literally happen.  Imminent meaning that there is nothing that needs to happen before Christ gathers us to
Himself and performs his judgements on the Earth.

Now, this does not mean that we shouldn’t be earthly minded, which is the point she tries to make with the site giving money to the Tsunami victims.  God commanded us to be ready for His return, but He also put us here to spread the Gospel, give a cold cup of water in His name, and to take care of the Earth.

I would like to focus in on both side, Charen and Moyers.  Both of them make a good observation about the
state of Christianity and their beliefs on what will happen and when it will happen.  Christians live like Christ is not going to return, as Charen points out.  We don’t live this minute like it would be our last, or that we would be before God soon.  And yet, there are radicals that throw off all to follow someone who believes that he knows when it will happen.

Christians have to find a balance, true, but that balance must have an upward and longing look to Christ’s return.   That’s the only way we’ll have impact!

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2 thoughts on “Are we looking for Christ’s Return?

  1. MIn,
    If we are truly living the Gospel of Jesus Christ then we are not worried about when his second coming is or how soon, but when we will be meeting him. The End is near but it could be closer for you or me it we die tommorow. We will have no cares of this world to worry about and just on what He has in store for us after death.

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