April 21, 2021

Kerry Concedes

Wow.  What a night.  I was up to 2:00 am EST waiting for NM or NV to go to Bush, but it didn’t happen last night.  In fact, I almost believed that we were going to go the litigation route with the provisional
ballots– but Kerry is going to act statesmanly and concede at 2:00 pm EST.  How late were you up?

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4 thoughts on “Kerry Concedes

  1. Was up till 1 o’clock (mountain time) blogging, IM’ing and keeping up w/the numbers. Was throughly tired and was grateful to hear this morning when I woke up that the Senator isn’t expected to seriously challenge the Ohio provisional ballots.

    Praise Be To God for the blessing He gave today!

  2. Amen to that brother. It’s refreshingly nice to hear that the Senator took the high road and that this bitter election season is over! I need to move to the left coast so that it’s not as late to get returns– haha.

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