May 27, 2024

And What About Abortion?

My sis and niece

The surprise of the Health Insurance debate last fall was that just when the House figured the bill was a go, a bunch of Pro-Life Democrats said “no.”  They needed better language in the bill in order to make sure that the “Hyde Amendment”1 stayed valid.

So, I’m sure you’re thinking that President Obama must have taken that into consideration with his latest bills—right?


The new bills have the same language that the Senate passed back in December—which poses a two-fold problem.

1. Stupak and the House Democrats don’t support the Senate language.

The Senate language isn’t strong enough according to the House Democrats.  These representatives say they won’t vote for it in its current form, and want the language in the House bill to rule the day.

2. They can’t make changes to the Senate language under reconciliation.

That means that they would have to open the bill back up, and the Democrats no longer have 60 votes to beat the filibuster.

It has yet to be seen what will happen, but it doesn’t look good for ObamaCare.

[Hat Tip: SayAnything]

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  1. Which prevents federal money from going to pay for Abortion services. []

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