May 18, 2024

If The Jury Consisted of the Entire Country

At some level, we have a country by the people for the people, and you wonder if when we something with this visibility, whether we should listen to the views of the people– or an election:

Still, Americans view the legal proceedings as having a cloud of doubt hanging over them. Only roughly three in ten Americans believe that any of the prosecutors bringing charges against Trump are treating him fairly. Meanwhile, A super-minority of about two in ten Americans express extreme or very high confidence that the judges and jurors in cases against Trump can uphold fairness and impartiality.

Although the poll revealed that 35 percent of Americans believe Trump has engaged in illegal activities regarding the hush money allegations, slightly fewer, approximately three in ten, believe he acted unethically without violating the law. Fourteen percent believe he did nothing wrong at all. These numbers have remained relatively stable over the year since he was initially charged in the case.

New Poll: In the Court of Public Opinion, Trump’s Verdict Is In

Obviously, I’m not saying that we should take a poll on every court case involving someone popular. Nor am I suggesting that we could use the mob’s understanding of something as the end of a matter. What I am saying is that if Trump loses any of these cases, it’s not going to play out how people think, as they’ve already judged him innocent of whatever crime he’s being tried for and only guilty of wanting to be President again.

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