April 16, 2024

There is No Way Pres. Biden Testifies Before Congress

But it would be something if he did, wouldn’t it?

The public is left with two irreconcilable narratives. The first—asserted by you—is that you did not engage in influence peddling in exchange for payments to your family. The second—asserted by witnesses and a body of evidence I will briefly review below—is that you were indeed involved in these pay-for-influence schemes and that you have been repeatedly untruthful regarding a matter relevant to national security and your own fitness to serve as President of the United States.

BREAKING: James Comer Officially Invites Joe Biden to Testify Before Oversight Committee

This signifies, to me at least, that there’s not going to be an impeachment of the current President, and I would suspect that there’ll be a report produced and then the matter will disappear.

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